But when she returned to the family, she was surprised to learn that Zhu Guo had been compensated by the family to Lu Fei! This result is really hard for her to accept!

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"Your price!" Huangfuhan intensely staring at Liu Fei said
"Price?" Liu Fei seems to see an idiot with a weak face. "Money can buy Zhu Guo, a natural treasure? I read less, so don’t lie to me … "
Huangfuhan took a deep breath for a long time before he said again, "Then what are you going to do to return Zhu Guo to me?"
"Give it back to you?"
Liu Fei shook his head. "That’s impossible!"
"hmm? Have you already eaten? " Huangfuhan face a sudden change.
"That’s not true …" Liu Fei shrugged his shoulders and said, "But I’ve given it away!"
"what! You … you gave it away? "
Hearing that Lu Fei had given Zhu Guo to Huangfuhan, he suddenly became anxious and flew into a rage. "Why do you give it to others!"
"Why can’t I give away my own things?"
Liu Fei’s patience is also limited. When I hear this, I can’t help but wrinkle a face of bad tone.
"Who did you send it to?" Huangfuhan seems to be still unwilling to give up.
"I can tell you!"
The two Zhu Guo are actually in Liu Fei’s ring, but he has promised Xiaoxiao that it is naturally impossible to return them to Huangfuhan at this time, and he will not tell Huangfuhan that the two Zhu Guo are for Xiaoxiao, otherwise she should go to Xiaoxiao again.
After saying this, Liu Fei is walking towards the entrance of Fang city without looking back. The auction will be held in a few minutes.
"Bastard! You live for me! "
Seeing that Liu Fei was leaving Huangfuhan flew into a rage, he rushed over and stopped Liu Fei.
"Are you finished?"
Huangfuhan repeatedly unreasonable Liu Fei couldn’t help some anger bash elbows swept away and stared at Huangfuhan.
Huangfuhan looked at each other and said, "Unless you tell me where those two Zhu Guo went?"
"Why should I tell you that I know you well?" Liu Fei a face didn’t good the spirit to HuangFuHan drink a way.
"I …"
Huangfuhan was speechless for a moment, but he was very tough. "I don’t care. If you don’t tell me today, you can’t leave!"
It’s good to be a young lady in Huangfu’s family and have a good talent for practice. Huangfu Han has always been regarded by the elders in the family as palm beads, and it’s hard to be favored by all kinds of people on weekdays, so he has developed a unruly character
In her eyes, it seems that others follow her wishes, which is only natural. Once someone disobeys her, it means heinous!
"I’m too lazy to talk to you!"
Lu Fei is very angry, but the other party is a woman after all. Lu Fei always can’t directly start work on her. Wanted to think, Liu Fei took Xiaoxiao and directly avoided Huangfuhan and walked towards the entrance of Fang City again.
"Bastard! Look at the trick! "
Liu Fei’s concession didn’t let Huangfuhan accept it when he was too good, but some intensified and waved his fist and bombarded Liu Fei’s back!
Liu Fei has already seen that this woman is not weak, but I didn’t expect that she already knew her "bad name" and dared to do it with herself! However, her fist was nothing but a threat in Lu Fei’s eyes.
He didn’t even think about hitting back. Only when her fist was close to his back did Lu Fei suddenly turn around and growl at her, "Get out!"

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