Benedict official LanEr carefully knocked at the door of the room.

Published on 20/06/2024

It’s Laner, isn’t it? The guests are here. Come on in. There’s a sound inside.
I can’t hear the grade of the other party from the sound, but the grade of such a big granddaughter and old man should not be too small.
Guan Laner knocked on the door and we followed her in.
The smell in the room is very strong, and the room is quite large. Two rows of walls are filled with volumes of pictures, and many of them are used for antique identification.
Grandpa Guan Laner was sitting in the sofa by the window, holding a tea set and making tea. He didn’t raise his head when he heard that we had entered. After washing the tea, he raised his head to look at us and said, Come and sit down.
A few of us can’t help feeling nervous behind Guan Laner.
Grandpa Guan Laner is very young. It’s too much to be young. He looks just like my grandfather. He looks like he is only in his forties, which surprises us all. And this person has a unique atmosphere, which always makes people feel humble before him.
Guan Laner first ran to her grandfather and sat down, and then told us to sit down. You’re welcome.
Without saying a word, the terrifying man took a fancy to Guan Laner’s grandfather, walked over and sat down.
A few of us followed and sat down one after another. Grandpa Laner looked up at a terrifying man, then poured tea and said, drink.
The terrifying still bears the brunt, picking up a small teacup and taking a sip of tea.
The rest of us are a little narrow-minded. We don’t know what, but we feel a little wrong. The minister feels depressed when he sees the emperor.
I know in my heart that this old man is an old man just like my grandfather, but I must be absolutely cautious about whether it is a terrifying aura and I am not afraid of such an old man at all.
After drinking a few cups of tea, the old man glanced at us. The last point was that terrifying and I always felt that there was something meaningful in the sight.
I am the owner of this house, Guan Tianqing. It took the old man a long time to introduce me.
I said hello, we are Laner’s friends. I don’t know if I’m bothering you.
Guan Tianqing didn’t speak, but kept staring at the terrifying eyes with something in them. I was surprised that this person should not treat the terrifying person as an antique, right?
I am busy saying that this is Mu Qing, who engages in art and wears ancient costumes. It took years to raise this hair.
Guan Tianqing gave me a look, and I panicked, and then he said something that made my hair stand on end. He said I knew everything about the cover-up.
As soon as I was stunned, what did he know? Did he know that an exorcist followed a policeman to his mansion to find a murderer? Or did he know that Yan Yan was Yan Yan, or simply knew that Yan Yan was engaged in art
But I don’t think this official azure is that simple, and then the official azure gave me a bolt from the blue. He seemed careless but said with a meaningful tone, I have been waiting for you for a long time and finally came.
Look at this, as if we knew we were coming before we came.
The nervous man in my heart is an old monster like my grandfather, but he won’t be as unpredictable as my grandfather. He knows everything and is an antique dealer. Maybe he knows my grandfather.
My grandfather knows people in this land of China.
I don’t know what people are going to do to me, but I’m just nervous
But the rest of the people don’t know anything. The insider is not nervous at all. Liu Yigang is a face of awe, and Wang Xiaolei can’t sit still after sitting for a few minutes. Hehe, laughing and talking nonsense again.
Song Yu with "tree" two people look indifferent listless listening to Wang Xiaolei wrangling.
I took one look at the terrifying, terrifying, courageous, and this tea is addictive. No matter who is the host and who is the guest, I picked up the teapot and poured it for myself. I don’t know how many cups I drank before I put the teacup back lazily.
The official azure also doesn’t need to be annoyed. I saw more terrifying eyes and an inscrutable smile. Look at my heart beating drums.
We’re here to investigate a case. Anyway, it’s definitely not a good thing for them. Everyone here may be a criminal suspect. I always feel that it’s empty in my heart.
Guan Tianqing didn’t say anything more. After reading us one by one, he asked me my name.
After I told him my name was Long Zuimeng, he asked me if I was Long Yansun.
You really guessed it for me. This man just doesn’t know my grandfather easily.
I can’t deny that it poked Guan Tianqing when asked. After looking at me a few times, I said it was the same as Long Yan’s.
After that, the official azure said nothing more, gave the official Laner a wink, and the official Laner took us away.
Guan Laner asked us to go back to our room and have a rest first. She said that she would come back after lunch and asked us to take us to have fun in the afternoon.
I don’t know what Guan Laner says fun is, but seeing her like that shouldn’t take us to play with anything retarded.
Terrible followed me into my room with dragon extraordinary. As soon as he entered the door, terrifying said that he knew everything.
Who? I took a look at Yan Yan and reacted. He said it was Guan Tianqing. What did he know?
Know everything, said the terrifying, adding that he knows more than you.
I was stupefied, and then I asked Yan Yan, what purpose did you tell me?
The people who didn’t talk in the terrifying crop disappeared in a flash, playing with me and disappearing.

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