"Oh, deputy has been promoted? !” Just now, the title of nine-fold deputy has been promoted once. I didn’t expect that it was only after a while that I was promoted again, which was a bit unexpected to him!

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"PSST … won the battle for five times. No, I made it through the holy alliance. This should be a battle for victory! But the fact is that the conditions for fifty battles have indeed been reached, that is to say … Ah! " Nine heavy suddenly enlighted "maybe … the holy alliance is a major league of fifty-four guilds, and I killed the holy alliance, which is equivalent to me fighting a battle of fifty-four guilds respectively, so this time I won a victory of fifty-four battles! Well, I’m afraid so, too. Only in this way can we work together to explain the success of the five battles! "
I want to understand Jiuzhong and click on the skill bar to see the introduction of the new skill attributes. "All negative effects of the 100 taboo active skills will last for 3 minutes!"
"Great! Another individual skill is simply tailor-made for the old! " Nine heavy can’t help but recall what the old man who sold it at the beginning smiled. "Oh, it seems that the old man really didn’t lie to me ~! Regardless, since he didn’t lie to me, why should he run so fast after selling? Like I’m afraid I’m going back on my word? ! Solution …! "
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Chickens and dogs don’t stay
Hearing the victory sound of the battle of Tongxingxing, the players in hell are all in the battle of Tianwang City, and the players are more fearless, more unstoppable and more devastating!
Besieging the city heart, one million elite players have completed the destruction of the city heart and joined the team of players in the holy alliance of encirclement and suppression. One million people slashed and slaughtered at will, and they lived like a plague of locusts in Tianwang City, killing people and animals!
Hell crazy flower players faithfully implement the nine orders, that is, real chickens and dogs don’t stay in the streets, lanes, ports and yards, and anyone who breathes, whether it’s players or np, whether it’s people or animals, will be killed!
A group of players rushed into a private house and rushed into the house without saying anything. They chopped up the people inside and then came to the yard to see a chicken coop with several big cocks. The leader of the team patted the chicken coop and sighed, "Oh, I’m sorry, Brother Chicken, I dare not blame you for being born in Tianwang City!" Kill it! !”
The player behind him heard the news and hugged the big cock in the chicken coop and wiped his neck! Then I will search all the valuable things in the hospital, and then I will continue to be a family!
Hell-mad flower players are chasing after the remnants of the Holy Alliance in Tianwang City, while carpet looting Tianwang City. The scene is like bandits sweeping into the city!
A president nine heavy see this scene old bosom big comfort nodded and smiled "ha ha good little old indeed as expected not white set-up you all promise! Just grab it ~! !”
In the ethereal city, the players who fought in hell were also excited when they heard the unified display. At the head of the city, they screamed all kinds of attacks and poured out of the city to stop the players of the Youth Soul Club from defending the ethereal city to the death!
Calculate Shen Yue bought 300,000 disposable np troops from Jiumen Dufu. There are 1 million troops guarding the misty city. I don’t want to keep more than 3 million troops of the Green Soul outside the city without letting them invade the misty city!
Some people are happy and some people are sad to hear the news of the victory of the Battle of Hell’s Wild Flowers. The players of Hell’s Wild Flowers are elated and beautiful, but the players of the Holy League are in a state of direct depression!
Originally, the players who were still fighting against the Holy Alliance were stunned when they heard the news of defeat!
"How did that happen? We are three times as strong as Hellfire. What will we lose? !”
"… because Fang Sheng is a pervert, so are the players who follow him in hell!"
"It doesn’t matter whether they are abnormal or not. What matters is what do we do now? Will you fight or not? !”
"What a fart! The sacred alliance is over and our soy sauce will stop here! Brothers, life and death have a destiny. Take care of yourself and run! !”
As soon as the small and medium-sized guild forces in the Holy Alliance Coalition took the lead, others immediately followed suit. Suddenly, there were millions of players left in Tianwang City, such as the river burst out of control and birds and animals scattered!
This escape is much easier to kill! The players of Hell Wild Flower beat the dog with the four closed doors of Tianwang City, and chased and blocked Tianwang City in the city.
Jiuzhong stood tall and looked at Wangcheng being hunted down. The rest of the voices of the Holy Alliance called Shuang Lu Bu. "Lu Bu’s ethereal city is still under attack. I have to take people back to support Tianwang City and leave it to you."
"No problem! Don’t worry, go back! !”
Nine heavy envoys guild channel shouted, "All the wizards of the Wanfa Legion and the shield hands of the Iron Wall Legion in Tianwang City will return to the city! !”
As a result, the magical light of Tianwang City rises one after another, and the players of Wanfa Corps and Iron Wall Corps have returned the scroll to the misty city!
Jiuzhong directly starts the function of sending the ring to the town to send the array, and the figure is sent back to the misty city by disappearing!
"Shout shout …! !” The dazzling light in the central square of the misty city rises like a hundred flowers, and the Wanfa Army and the Iron Wall Army return to the Ministry of Foreign Personnel!
Appeared in the misty city square without asking Jiuchong to jump up and down, he learned the direction of the battle and immediately shouted to the returning legion and the Iron Wall legion, "The soldiers are divided into two ways to support Dongcheng all the way to support Nancheng! !”
No nine details: Feng Dance and Zheng Jia quickly divided their respective legions into two groups and then combined them into two groups. Ma Feng Dance, composed of Wanfa Legion and Iron Wall Legion, led all the way to Nancheng, and Zheng Jia led the other way to Dongcheng!
Jiuzhong saw the crumbling war behemoth Yunmo Mountain in the middle of the middle school and went straight to Nancheng without hesitation!
Outside the misty south city!
Although Yunmo Shankui was resurrected by Luan Er, half of his blood volume was not as good as before. Hundreds of thousands of troops led by the Prince of Yan attacked Yunmo Shankui with firepower!
After more than 20 minutes, the loss of more than 200,000 troops finally succeeded in killing Yunmo Shankui!
A scream cloud moshan kui mountain-like body finally collapsed and fell to the ground!
"Mom delayed the old so long! !” The prince spat at Yunmo Shankui and turned around to face the misty city head again. In the wave of his hand, the dragon crescent moon waved his finger at the misty city and shouted to the players of the Youth Soul Club, "Everyone will kill with me! After taking the misty city, Huaxia District is my youth meeting the sky! !”
"Kill! ! !” The forces of the Youth Soul Club outside Nancheng have lost to the present, leaving 500,000 people to rush the misty city and violently bombard the walls of the misty city!
And the prince rode his own mount beast and led a group of combat troops, afraid of being bombarded by magic crystal artillery, and rushed towards the place where Shen Yue, the head of the misty city, was!
SHEN WOO!’ When there are more than 20 meters away from Chengtou, the prince first added a state by himself and then split out "… Qinglong Yanyue chop! !” A emerald-green giant knife wave gas tearing gas like a bloodthirsty fierce beast went straight to Chengtou Shen Yue!
When the players in Chengtou saw this, they quickly formed a human wall to protect Shen Yue from the prince. This just struck a blow!
"Bang bang! !” Who knows that the power of Yan Wang’s blow is far beyond the players’ imagination, and the green knife and wave gas are unstoppable. In front of Shen Yue, the players’ bodies are smashed like beads! Knife wave gas abruptly broke through the heavy wall and continued to kill Shen Yue. It has already broken Shen Yue in an instant, and Shen Yue will be divided into two at the moment!
"… rosefinch flash! !” At this critical moment, suddenly a lux flashed like a bird of God, Suzaku, and roared past Shen Yue’s brain without bombarding this Dao!
One explosion and two fierce strokes cancel each other out, and the explosion stirs up a cloud of smoke!
When the line of sight in the smoke dissipation field is clear, a statue of stalwart figure appears at Shen Yue’s side, and Shen Yue is unhurt!
"Yue son ok? !” Nine heavy hands took Shen Yue waist lovingly asked.

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