"Bang" a burst of broken to the whole virtual dreamland, and the lighting point drifted in heaven and earth. Han Shuo was shocked back several steps by a powerful force and looked at Sunday with a startled face. Even if he knew in his heart that the power of "the pupil of God’s eye" would be extraordinary once it broke through to the realm of "the extinction of heaven", he did not expect that the power of "the pupil of God’s eye" would be so powerful that it was still the tip of the iceberg. If the whole power of "the pupil of God’s eye" broke out, it would be enough for conan the destroyer.

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Sunday broke Han Shuo’s virtual dreamland, and his eyes flashed with all kinds of pictures, including laughter, pain, hesitation and nai. All the joys and sorrows of life were in his eyes. Suddenly, Zhou Tianren wait for a while was there stupidly. In his eyes, he saw that he was looking for a rebirth nectar official phoenix in the northwest to save everyone’s lives and jumped into the magic pool.
When Guan Fengfeng jumped into the magic pool, he looked back at his eyes with tenderness and deep attachment. It was more of a kind of despair. At that moment, Guan Fengxin was dead. Was it the water-like departure that made her feel hopeless or the infatuation with Xia Lan on Sunday that made her feel that the law was integrated into the world on Sunday? Maybe both.
However, no matter how Guan Feng died or died, Guan Feng died and became a heavenly heart on Sunday. He said that he was in pain. He didn’t know if there was any way to regenerate this innocent, lovely and worried girl, if there was anything at all.
I don’t know that Sunday’s fight for the rebirth of Guanfeng in the future triggered the first battle of fixing the truth between heaven and earth, and in this war, Sunday became the strongest person in heaven and earth, reaching the peak of his life and becoming a myth.
Guan Feng’s death stimulated Sunday’s brain nerves, and all kinds of memories in the past were vividly restored.
On Sunday, he turned around and looked at Whitestorm and Han Shuo lightly. "Whitestorm, do you still want to continue to play? If you want to continue to play, I will continue to play with you, but I can tell you frankly that you have been sealed by me, and your legs have greatly increased. It is no longer my enemy who has added me to the realm of" the pupil of the eye "and you are not my opponent. If I were you, I would not stay here in bring disgrace to oneself."
Whitestorm glanced at Han Shuo without trace and said lightly, "Oh, it seems that my memory has been restored. Congratulations, but it makes my game more fun. On Sunday, I regard you as my opponent. Don’t let me down."
Sunday smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I will never let you down. There’s nothing you can do."
"You" Whitestorm’s face turned blue and red, and his fist rattled, and he was asking for a dead end. He grunted coldly, "Let’s go today, and I’ll double the reward another day." After that, Zhao-yang Qin slowly sank into the ground and then disappeared.
Han Shuo saw that Whitestorm and Qin Yangyang had left and smiled on Sunday. "Congratulations on Sunday for breaking through to the state of Wu Shen." The pupil of the eye has also advanced to the second level. In time, it must be a super strong person. "
Sunday also smiled and said, "This is also your success. Anyway, I will not forget your kindness. I want to advise you that Whitestorm is not a simple person, and you will eventually be calculated by him."
Han Shuo wry smile way "I know the truth, but everyone has their own difficulties. Don’t worry, Whitestorm is not a simple person, but I’m not a vegetarian." I smiled at Sunday, and my eyes showed strange colors. I turned around and tore the door of different degrees and slowly disappeared.
On Sunday, watching Han Shuo disappear, Nai shook his head and slowly turned to face everyone’s way, "Lan Lan Tingting Shanya Grandpa Grandpa Feng Laolecherous Fairy, I am back."
"Sunday" Xia Lan excitedly ran into Sunday’s arms and cried, "You finally came back. We miss you so much."
A voice of "Sunday" interrupted Xia Lan’s words. See Lan Xin led Min Wen’s literature for girls. First-class wait for a while looked at Sunday next to her. Lin Shaoyue was also surprised to look at Sunday. Two women’s eyes revealed deep disbelief. Lan Xin’s eye pupil looked at Sunday with a layer of tears.
"Yan Yan" Zhou Tianshen suddenly froze there. Xia Lan also sensed that something was wrong on Sunday. He got up from his arms and saw Lan Xin and Lin Shaoyue at a glance. She could see what it was from their look.
Lan Xin twist a head and walk away without giving Sunday any chance to explain.
"Yan Yan" stopped Lan Xin’s way as soon as Zhou Tianshen was moving "sou". The girl literature urged "Yan Yan, listen to me."
"Well, I’ll listen to you explain what you said." Lan Xin looked forward to looking at Sunday and hoped to hear from Sunday that she wanted to be obedient.
"I" sighed on Sunday and knew it was hard to say. It is impossible to say that I lost my memory, and it is impossible to tell her that you should love each other after you have a relationship.
Such words can’t be said on Sunday.
Lan Xin said, "Can’t you say it? Well, if you can’t say it, I’ll ask you who she is." Xia Lan turned around and pointed to the side.
Sunday sighed, "Her name is Xia Lan, a woman I loved deeply before I lost my memory. I can’t remember people and things after I lost my memory."
Lan Xin said, "Good, you are very frank. Then I want you to tell me who you are and what your name is."
Zhou Tiandao: "You and I got the right name. My name is Sunday, the third-generation brother of the Zhou family, and you have been talking about Sunday all the time."
A stumbling man in Lan Xin almost fell down. Lin Shaoyue held Lan Xin with a quick hand and said softly, "Yan Xin, don’t be sad."
Lan Xin burst into tears and burst out laughing. "God, it’s very kind of you to catch people. I have a deep hatred for the Zhou family, but I didn’t think that I ended up loving the Zhou family. God, why are you doing this to me?"
"Yan Yan" saw Lan Xin’s gray face on Sunday. I don’t know what she would have such a deep hatred for the Zhou family. Did the Zhou family do something to her? Grandpa Zhou shook his head to show that it was not white, and he didn’t know this girl.
Sunday was in a hurry. "Yan Yan, don’t be sad. Is there any misunderstanding? I will help you if you tell me what you are upset about?"
"That’s enough. I don’t need your crocodile tears," Lan Xin roared. "I decided to give up my hatred in my heart because of you. I no longer want revenge, but you pushed me into the abyss lovingly. I hate you and I hate you." I tore my heart out and roared and ran out regardless of everyone’s puzzled eyes
"Yan Yan" Zhou Tiangang wanted to use his posture to catch up with Xia Lan. He pulled his sleeve and said softly, "She won’t listen to you on Sunday now, or wait until she knows something specific and gets over it."
"Alas," Sunday dismissed the idea of chasing and said to one of the seven of them, "You guys should hurry up and chase out, so as to protect Lan Xin’s safety and not let her get a little hurt."
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven Ghosts and gods were born
Girls’ literature
"It’s the boss". Seven of them should take a direct posture and chase it out. When they heard "sou, sou", several seven people disappeared in an instant. Everyone was surprised and praised "Good posture and deep repair"
The lecherous fairy laughed. "Sunday, it seems that you have been living in the people for more than half a year and collected a lot of advanced people. These people have the lowest and the emperor Wu Xiu is good."
On Sunday, he smiled faintly, "Thank you, lecherous fairy, that’s why they respect me." Looking at the back of Lan Xin in the distance sadly, he couldn’t say how sad he was. He has experienced a lot of things and seen a lot of things and gradually matured.
Min Wen looked at Zhou Tiandao in surprise. "Tell me honestly on Sunday, are you really the third generation brother of the Zhou family?"
On Sunday, I nodded slightly. "I lost my memory before the Min Bureau and I can’t recall all kinds of things. Now I have regained my memory and I remember all the past events."
Min Wen laughed. "Well, you little boy, you have such a big background that I’m still worried all the way. You’re worried that something will happen to you. Will we be late? Come on, you have so many bosses to protect you. Don’t say you didn’t kill anyone. Even if you kill someone, who can’t stand you?"
On Sunday, as a girl’s literature was touched, it was updated for the first time to know that Min Wen was sincere, and his safety took Min Wen’s hand to several bosses and smiled. "Dear seniors, I will introduce you to someone. He is Min Wen, who is currently a member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee of Long Ze County and the director of the Public Security Bureau."
Master Zhou criticised, "Don’t give me cliques. This is a national taboo."
Zhou Tiandao: "Now that the White Wind Operation is just around the corner, the organization has failed to eliminate the national crisis. If we have one more talent, we will have one more chance of winning. This is not an individual but for the sake of national security."
The lascivious fairy said, "Sunday girl literature is updated for the first time. Whitestorm has a lot of experience in fighting several times. It’s still the old rule that you command us and listen to you."
On Sunday, he didn’t pretend to refuse what kind of person Whitestorm was. He knew better than anyone that the plot designed by a simple person was not a plot designed by everyone. It can be said that it is closely linked and interlocking.
People here are extremely intelligent and profound, but when it comes to Whitestorm, the second choice besides him is not his conceit, but the actual situation is indeed so. Bai Feng launched two large-scale plots and was wiped out by him. In Yanjing, Whitestorm’s legs were sealed, which caused Bai Feng to take a huge fall.
Zhou Tiandao: "What we have to do now is to find out what Whitestorm’s conspiracy is. You are a veteran of the National Security Bureau. Please contact the senior officials of the National Security Bureau and hope that they can develop an intelligence network to quickly find out the movements of other people in Whitestorm in recent days."
Feng Lao nods, "No problem, I’ll do it right away."
Zhou Tiandao: "Grandpa, you are familiar with the four big families. Please discuss with them and prepare for the elite forces. Since Whitestorm dares to plot in front of you, he will definitely rely on it. Adding Han Shuo to his control is a terrible enemy before he can fight."
Master Zhou said, "Grandpa Hao Sun has no problem here. Before several of us came, we already felt the unusual smell inside. We were not afraid to tell you that we had already made second-hand preparations. The two householders, Mu Shijia and Guan Shijia, didn’t come. They were just afraid of Whitestorm’s conspiracy and were quietly preparing a batch of forces."
Zhou Tiandao "That’s good. I hope some things are overrated." wait for a while looked up at the sky in a daze.
For several days on Sunday, a few people were sent out, but Whitestorm and others were not found. They seemed to have evaporated, and there was no trace at all. The literature of the girls of Nangong family and white family was all Whitestorm’s fear. That time, it was just a vain attempt to persuade everyone not to pay much attention to Whitestorm. Now he has not enough fear to repair and reduce.
However, Zhou Tianhe’s several aristocratic families and bosses all looked worried. The more so, the more they confessed that the plot exhibited by the wind was serious. He was slow to start work, not afraid that they might be waiting for some time or someone.
These days, I tried to find Lan Xin to explain a situation, but Lan Xin didn’t see him. Sometimes I met him on the road and looked at him directly. It was very painful in my heart, but I still held back my children’s affair for the time being. Lan Xin’ an sent seven of them to her to protect her safety.
When I was looking for Lan Xin, I went to see Xijie on Sunday. As soon as she entered Xijie’s office, she was naturally scolded by Xijie. Fortunately, Xijie understood his painstaking efforts and finally advised him not to rush to give Lanxin more. When she thought about it, she would naturally listen to your explanation.
When Xijie heard that Sunday was currently preparing to deal with Whitestorm’s conspiracy, she pondered for a long time and told Sunday the information she had obtained from her investigation of Whitestorm.
On Sunday, I heard that Whitestorm had prepared a large number of armed men and seemed to have a clue. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhou Xiaotian, asking him to send troops when necessary.

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