Zhou Tiandong directly will also give j and the numerous monster beast nu in a burst of roar; They rushed toward Sunday.

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To be honest; On Sunday, we should be glad that those monster beasts not only won’t have any ranged attack means, but also seem that those monster beasts are still quite weak, and the strongest ones are probably only equipped with gas refining period repair! Such a law forces to attack the wheel war on Sunday to consume Sunday’s physical strength; To make Sunday a lot easier.
In that face of such a situation; Sunday is not afraid of nine turns of Xuangong, which is a kind of achievement method to grow in the battle, and it is also the most suitable for fighting, whether it is one-on-one or one enemy; Most practitioners of Nine-turn Xuangong can adapt to that kind of fighting.
Comrade Wu can fight against hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers with one monkey’s strength, but Sunday is not as tough as it is, but in the end, it is a nine-turn Xuangong practice, so I don’t want to say that I can beat those monsters! But it is impossible to be easily defeated by those monsters.
The first talent ability of Jiuzhuan Xuangong is strength, but there is strength from ancient times to modern times. When it comes to physical strength, it often complements each other, while the first talent ability of Jiuzhuan Xuangong enhances Sunday strength, but it also makes Sunday physical recovery much faster. That is to say; In fact, when playing against those monsters on Sunday, it will take a big advantage.
A monster with a knife; There are no subtle moves that are based on attacking and attacking; Every knife goes to slay a monster beast on Sunday, and at the same time, Zhou Tianren will encounter several attacks at the same time. Because of Sunday’s strong defense; The opponent’s attack can’t break the defense on Sunday; But Sunday’s attack can easily slay the monster beast, which will eventually become the result of Sunday’s slaying of the monster beast, but the monster beast will hurt Sunday.
This is a long battle; Sunday is also some can’t stand it! It’s one thing that those monster beast attacks can’t break the defense on Sunday, but it doesn’t mean that those monster beast attacks fall on Sunday, and there is really no induction on Sunday. Every attack will bring more pain and itching on Sunday. After a long week, I can’t stand it.
Just on Sunday, I couldn’t help but have a desire to hide in it and have a rest before coming out, but suddenly there was a demon sound of U-heart willow in my ear.
"Can the master let the little demon out? The little demon can help the master solve his eye trouble."
The sudden sound startled Sunday if it wasn’t for the initiative of the willow demon; On Sunday, I really didn’t know that I was in the middle of it. Since I was still able to connect with him, the situation at that time was that Zhou Tiangen didn’t think too much about those problems directly at the moment when I heard the words of the willow demon. On Sunday, the entrance was already ready, and the willow demon came out of it.
Shape b does not move and flashes again; With the appearance of u-heart willow demon; Immediately see those monster beast seems to be hit by what generally directly dizzy in the in situ; There is no move to attack Sunday any more.
On Sunday, God knows that this should be because the U-heart willow demon moved its talent ability to cause the status quo. After the U-heart willow demon had a strong talent ability, it was manual on Sunday, but it was constantly direct, so it waved weapons and killed the monster beast in those States.
It didn’t last long; Just a few hours; On Sunday, with the help of the U-hearted willow demon, the monster beast was finally killed until the last monster beast fell on Sunday’s feet. On Sunday, I was relieved at that time, and at the same time, I cast my eyes aside to earthworm monster beast.
Compared with Sunday; The situation of the earthworm monster beast is much worse. It’s okay to drill into the ground. Those monsters won’t escape from the ground, and they haven’t suffered much damage. But the body of the earthworm monster beast left on the ground is not so lucky. The original body activity was made by the female head, and now the female head has thrown it on the ground. The male head is dead; Naturally, it is impossible to have the ability to resist those monsters.
I didn’t notice when those monsters were desperate there Sunday. I didn’t find it until my eyes killed those monsters. Now that the earthworm monster beast has left the body on the ground, it has been chewed clean by those monsters, if it is not when I look at the past on Sunday; If the female head of the earthworm monster beast comes out of the ground, it’s time to wonder if the earthworm monster beast has been eaten by that group of monsters on Sunday.
Zhang Qi’s big mouth earthworm monster beast roared towards Sunday …
See the performance of earthworm monster beast; Zhou Tianyuan also said that it was the most time to prepare for an attack on himself; On Sunday, when he saw the move of the earthworm monster beast, he inevitably made a pair of defensive moves. It was not until the last Sunday that he found that the earthworm monster beast did not really attack himself. It was awkward to pack up your posture and guess what the move of the earthworm monster eye meant.
Yes; Although it is known that the earthworm monster opened his mouth and barked at himself, he didn’t want to attack himself, but the earthworm monster understood Sunday’s words, but it was impossible to understand it on Sunday. As a result, the earthworm monster roared there for a long time, but he didn’t know what it was roaring about.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Reach an agreement
I was at a loss on Sunday; Roots can’t figure out a way when the earthworm demon flows; U heart willow demon is at that time suddenly mouth to Zhou Tiandao "master; The banshee said she wanted you to help her regain control of this land, and she would send you to the ground if you were willing to help her. "
"Can you understand her?" Although it is also a demon; But the demon language is not the same in this world; Common language is the language of the Terran, except that all monsters speak human language after being transformed into human beings; Generally speaking, even the demon race should have little language communication.
Obviously; U heart willow demon also knows that Sunday is there to doubt what U did towards Sunday, and after a ceremony, U heart willow demon replied to Sunday, "Report back to the Lord; Although I don’t understand the other person’s language, I can communicate with her spiritually. It is not difficult to understand the meaning of her words. "
"Oh!" On Sunday, he nodded his head, but suddenly he pulled the willow demon with U’s heart and entered. No matter if the willow demon with U’s heart wanted to enter the instant on Sunday, he directly asked him, "Can you control that monster?"
"Master wants me to control that monster so that I can take you out of the ground?"
"That’s right; This place shouldn’t be simple. I met so many monster beasts as soon as I came in. God knows how much interest that monster beast has to deal with opponents. If you can control her to take me directly to the ground, it is naturally the best, so I won’t bother those monster beasts here. "
"This ….. also please master atonement afraid of small demon will let you down, small demon now just returned to the gas refining period want to control the banshee; I need her to be quite possible at least, which is helpful according to the speed of my strength recovery now. It will probably take nearly a year before that is possible … "
The words of the heart willow demon directly dispelled all the enthusiasm of Sunday. Although it was good, the heart willow demon didn’t have that ability. Then the Sunday plan will naturally have no way to go on.
Now on Sunday, I regret that I had decided to know that I would meet this sweet talk today. At that time, I shouldn’t have let the secret draft of the willow demon in the heart of U lose a powerful thug for no reason, not counting my eyes, but I have to be threatened by the earthworm monster beast when I am trapped here.
Since the U-heart willow demon is now unable to control the earthworm monster beast, it will naturally be able to agree to the requirements of the earthworm monster beast on Sunday.
Heart secretly sighed; On Sunday, he pulled the willow demon with u’s heart out again after a light cough; Then he said to the earthworm monster beast, "You asked me to consider it for a while and then decided to agree; If you want me to help you recapture this land, you should at least tell me about your opponent’s situation. Otherwise, I can’t fight against my opponent because I don’t know his strength.
"well; Hmm; Well’ after hearing Sunday’s words; The earthworm monster beast immediately roared with its unique animal language, and the U-hearted willow demon, as a translator, nodded repeatedly to show that he understood the words of the earthworm monster beast until all the information was clear. U heart willow demon that at that time to Zhou Tiandao "master; The banshee said that there are many monster beasts in this place, but most of them are in the two levels of agility to practice, and this time it is the only monster beast in this place. This banshee was robbed by that monster beast because of defeat. The banshee said that this place has the strength of the other side better than her. According to the master, your strength; It is not difficult to defeat your opponent. "
Nodded his head; Sunday didn’t immediately agree to help the earthworm monster beast, although it was so unbearable on the ground before the earthworm monster beast; But what will happen is just the fact that the earthworm monster beast is too careless and the three monks have made so many preparations; No matter whether the strength of the Dilong monster beast is high or low in the monster beast repair in the then stage, the minimum repair is actually in the then stage; With the strength of the earthworm monster beast; It is not easy to defeat her on Sunday. Now it is really reluctant to let Sunday deal with a first-line monster beast that is stronger than earthworm monster beast.
"I just build the base period; If you want to deal with the monster beast in the then period, there is not much chance of winning. I’ll give you some Dan medicine as a reward, and you can send me the ground. Anyway, there’s nothing good in this place. I’ll introduce you to other places as the lich king. "After thinking about it; Sunday still didn’t want to take that risk, and finally he didn’t agree with the earthworm monster’s request, but he discussed other solutions
It’s a pity that Sunday didn’t agree with the method of earthworm monster beast coming out; Similarly, the earthworm monster beast refused to accept Sunday’s discussion, and directly and resolutely roared at the willow demon in the heart of U. After a few times, the earthworm monster beast was no longer out.
"She said she insisted on her decision; If the master refuses to help her get rid of her opponent, she will be dead and will not give you the ground. "
"You …" Sunday is not very angry; This is also a threat! It is a pity that it is uncomfortable to let your eyes be controlled by others on Sunday because of carelessness; Eye Sunday is have to admit again; The other party’s threat is quite effective. If you want to get out of the ground, you really have to ask the earthworm monster beast for help.
"all right! I’ll help you clean up your enemy, but after killing your enemy; Its collection, body and everything belong to me and; In order to ensure the final victory of the battle, you must help me, otherwise, I will do it alone; Root can’t all the monster beast confrontation "since we can’t refuse the earthworm monster beast requirements that can be done on Sunday, we will have our own fight for more benefits. If we can really kill a monster beast in the then period, we can still increase some benefits on Sunday.
After a moment of silence; In the end, the earthworm monster beast nodded his head to accept Sunday’s request, and then nodded and gestured towards Sunday, and then he shook his left half body and climbed into the deep ground …
On Sunday, after seeing the earthworm monster beast move, Nai shrugged his shoulders, and then he led the Yu heart willow demon to follow.
The 120th Octopus Demon
The 120th Octopus Demon (order first)
As Sunday thought; When Sunday followed the earthworm monster beast deeply; Immediately, at that time, I met a large number of monster beast ridges.
If he was surprised to meet a thousand monster beasts at one time last Sunday, then when his eyes went deep again and constantly met a team of hundreds of monster beasts; Sunday was thinking about more things.
In general, there may be so many monster beasts taxiing in the same area, which is considered to be a fairyland in which there are not wise fairy beasts, and there are far more than the spiritual wisdom. The whole biological department Hwa-Sung Do monster beast is absolutely rare.
Moreover; What makes Sunday even more surprised is that those monster beasts are all formed by insects with poor feet. You know, if you are outside at ordinary times; Except for some lucky insects who can be enlightened by opportunities and turn into demons, it is impossible for n nine insects to become demons. After all, the longest life span of an insect is only a few years. It is much more difficult to enlighten one’s mind and become a demon in such a short time than to become an immortal from a man.
Now that there are so many monsters in this land, either the aura of this land has reached the point where it is going to melt; Let those living in it have a better chance to enlighten the soul and cultivate into demons; It can be said that there is something in this land that can help mammals to change their natural talents. Otherwise, I really can’t think of it on Sunday. What other reasons will make so many insects turn into demons at the same time?
After the white land is fishy; Sunday is some understanding of what the earthworm monster beast would be so obsessed with taking back control of this land.
The advantage of being accompanied by natural talents and treasures is much like that of this earthworm monster if it is not helped by foreign things; Can a small earthworm be made into an elixir? If this is the case, many monks will no longer be as worried as the foundation.
The eyes flashed clean; On Sunday, I immediately moved my mind to the unknown treasure after I understood the issue. Sunday, as had an idea, but didn’t show a cool face, waving his weapons and slashing them constantly. The monster beast led by the local dragon monster beast was already slowly approaching the purpose of this operation.
Lake; Sunday really didn’t expect this place to be so big, but since there is such a big lake in it, it’s strange that this place is secretly in my heart. When the ground dragon monster beast appeared by the lake, the earthworm monster beast adversary also appeared automatically at that time.
"Bang" with a loud noise; A large number of lake eruptions; A dozen meters long crucian carp jumped directly from the lake; When falling back to the surface; Its half has been Lu in the water.
When I saw that the opponent of earthworm monster beast was a crucian carp; On Sunday, Lu’s face immediately showed a strange look …
What is this world? Earthworms will find someone to kill crucian carp. Will there be mice looking for us to teach cats a lesson in the future?
Although I feel very uncomfortable about the eye situation in my heart, I still have to do things. If I said last Sunday, if the earthworm monster beast is right, it will also escape. I decided who to turn to according to circumstances. When I found out that the opponent of the earthworm monster beast was a fish monster, I knew on Sunday that I couldn’t help the earthworm monster beast.
It may be easier to help the crucian carp deal with the earthworm monster beast, but who can make the fish monster not hide his eyes from the earth, whether he wants to go back to the ground on Sunday or not, then he must have more ideas in his heart with the help of the earthworm monster beast ability; At this time, you can also help the earthworm monster beast kill the fish monster first.
"hey; Listen, the fish demon in the lake is just short of some ornamental objects in the lake at the young master’s house. It’s just right for you. If you are smart, you’d better go with the young master. It’s good for you if you are stubborn. Be careful, master, I will stew you today. "
"Idiot; The fish demon said, "When the willow demon did his duty as an interpreter, he answered at the mouth of the fish demon; Immediately translated what he said to Sunday.
Yes; Obviously, on Sunday, I wish the willow demon wouldn’t translate this passage. It was originally called according to the scene, but I didn’t want to get it. However, it was such an answer. On Sunday, I felt like a group of crows were constantly calling’ idiots’ there, generally recalling my just move; I really have a feeling of wanting to drill a rift on Sunday.
Angry Sunday face se a green at the same time, pointing to the fish demon was called "the fish demon; I won’t stew you, if you dare. "
"If you dare to water, it says so."
"coward; Don’t even dare to take the challenge; It’s really too bad that you’re still a fish demon in the golden elixir period. "
"Idiot; Have you ever seen a fish run to the shore? It says so. "
On Sunday, I didn’t think I’d come and deal with it this time. To be honest, it’s a fish demon. If you are fighting on land, you are not afraid of anyone, but once you are in the sky or in the water, your strength will be ten to seven and it will be difficult to move. Naturally, it is impossible to exert its original strength.

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