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So she didn’t ask if the export was disturbed by his breath, and her breathing face was powdered.
"If you want me to have so many children," he whispered in her ear.
Gentleness wants to stay away from him, but he is so strong.
"I didn’t volunteer."
"hmm? I know you are willing. "He kissed her hard on her side face.
Gentle nai is the facial features coming together. He kissed her so hard.
She is very happy and satisfied.
It doesn’t really matter whether she wanted children or not. She didn’t want children because she found that she loved him.
However, she can’t have illusions about an uncertain relationship, and she doesn’t want to have a child without a father in the future.
She did everything because …
I have him in my heart
I heard that many women like to pester men to ask if they love them, but Mrs. Teng never takes the initiative to ask.
He gave it to her and asked him to protect himself if he didn’t give it to her.
She was so clear-headed that she spent so long with him.
Now …
He didn’t dare to think that if that happened again, or if she still didn’t look back.
She is such a persistent person.
If a person knows what he wants, never hesitate.
The next day, the housekeeper went to deliver food, but she came back soon with a box in her hand.
Gentle didn’t go to work, stayed at home with the children and watched the housekeeper come back with a box. Did Miss Meng cook in person again today?
"No, Mr. Wen was discharged from the hospital."
Gentle …
Can’t help but get up from the sofa with the child in her arms.
He was discharged from the hospital?
Section 497
The doctor said he needed to stay in the hospital for two days to observe. Why did he leave the hospital in such a hurry?
Is it because she finally said that sentence to him yesterday afternoon?
Gentleness can’t help but frown, then put the child in the stroller and go to find a mobile phone to call Wen Liang.
It’s no surprise that Wen Liang has received gentle words in the office, sister
"Are you out of the hospital?"
"Well, there is nothing wrong with my health, and there is another case that I have already agreed with the guest, so I will return." His answer is very accurate
"Is it because what I said yesterday afternoon made you think differently?"
"You are so right," Wen Liang said.
Gentleness is a good word. Tell him to take a good rest. Don’t tire yourself out again, or my sister will be angry.
Tenderness agreed to have dinner with general manager Teng at noon that day. At ten o’clock in the afternoon, tenderness drove to the front of their office building. When several people saw her, they immediately greeted her wife, so they smiled and said hello.
Smile gently for a while and then listen to a worker say hello to Xiao Gong.
Gentle can’t help but smile and turn to look, then hold them and walk over to show you.
Three chicks immediately ran out and looked at the gentle bag in her arms and couldn’t help but sigh, Oh, my God, it’s so tender.
"Wow, Sister Rou and Xiao Gong are so beautiful."
"I really want a kiss," said another.
"Now he doesn’t understand that you can hug each other."
Xiao Bao looked at the three beautiful women with his pure big eyes and then suddenly turned to look at his mother …
"Mother, you are really my mother."
At first glance, tenderness was a little flustered, as if I felt that I had said something wrong and done something wrong.
Several girls kissed and touched the parcel with their eyes wide open, and then reached out and touched it there.
Don’t touch it, don’t touch it.
Later, when holding the baby gently, everyone told her that the general manager Yang had gone at 9: 30 and had not come out to put on a dress yet, and even his knees were not up to his chest. I don’t know what skin was worn over his shoulders and rubbed with thick powder.
Gentleness can’t help but be stunned, but when she was in the ladder, she looked at her eyes and her heart was already stable.
Everyone knows that Wen Mi doesn’t like to wear heavy makeup, and that woman wears heavy makeup.
Come quickly, everyone knows that the secret clothes are warm, even if they are skirts, they are all wearing hips, which will be like winter.
Nowadays, most women wear special clothes when eating with her husband. Because Teng is used to wearing heavy makeup, goblins learn to dress gently.
But this woman is deliberately playing the devil’s advocate, and it must be a guess. General Teng thinks that general Teng may find it more amazing to change his taste.
Gentle to the floor when the secret is talking can’t help but eyes staring at the gentle body.
Gentle and slender, holding a little guy doesn’t make her look ugly, on the contrary, it makes her cleaner and more capable
"Teng is always there?" Gentle symbolic asked a.
"Yes," he hung up and gave a low answer with uncertainty in his eyes.
"I know everything" gentle novel and then plan to sneak attack.
She went straight to the office door with her child in her arms and knocked at the door.

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