White leaves are in the dense light, and the whole ancient pot city and four small towns are closely connected. In the light, it rises to a high level, and then a violent shock disappears.

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"Uncle Ye Er, where did they go?" Bai Zhuo didn’t say a word to Bai Ye, but he was very happy to see that he could refine the whole ancient city. This is more level than his own Bai Yu, and he is really a white family!
The old man said, "Ye Er has his own fate and we can do it."
The old man knew that this visit could not help much. The key was to help Baiye establish a kind of desire, which had been successful. He let Baiye know that the Central Fairyland and the White House had not abandoned him, thus restoring Baiye’s feelings towards the white family.
"Uncle, that monster just now doesn’t seem to be celestial!" Bai Zhuo looked at the tentacles and asked.
"Well, that guy is not a celestial being. Judging from his breath, he should be the king of a certain world. It seems that the world has taken refuge in the rogue!"
Bai Zhuo nodded and said, "Xing Jun told us a long time ago to prevent the resurgence of the flow. Now it seems that he still can’t stop them!"
The old man said, "It’s only a moment to stop it. This time it’s more intense than the previous confrontations. I think hatred will finally come to an end a few years ago!"
Bai Zhuo also heard a little about what happened a long time ago. He wanted to ask clearly, but he didn’t ask because he didn’t continue to say what he meant. Instead, he took other family experts and searched the neighborhood to see if there was nothing worthy of their attention before rearranging the array.
White leaves took an ancient city to another place in an instant, and it was swaying around here, but in any direction, there were exhausted stones. These stones were as big as rice grains and as big as mountains. No matter what, they were all floating and extremely fast.
This swinging area is a huge rock vortex, which is such a clean area because all the stones have been thrown around.
As soon as the ancient city arrived, it immediately disturbed the original balance vortex and lost its strength. The powerful impact came towards the ancient city.
Looking at the end of the stone surging here, the white leaves made a strong response at the first time. The ancient city banned the sudden release of the white leaf spirit ball, and the whole ancient city also instantly expanded, as if it had become a rotating hedgehog and released a powerful attack outward.
Those rushing stones were smashed by the power of the ancient city, and large and small stones were thrown out to meet other colliding stones. At that time, there were collisions everywhere, although there was no loud noise, but the flash and great momentum made people feel as if it was the end of the world
When the impact lasted for a whole month, if it weren’t for the strength of the ancient city, it wouldn’t be enough to rely on one person alone. Naturally, it would be the most powerful force here, and people are killing people all the time outside.
Section DiErSiQi Red Line Two Statues
Zhou was finally quiet, and there were stones everywhere, but the ancient city set aside some. Now, looking around in the ancient city is like being in a cave. Fortunately, there are some light things in these stones that don’t look dark.
Baiye relaxed and said simply, "It’s finally finished!"
Elves said, "According to the current situation, the ancient city has been integrated here. I wonder where the boulder flow will flow?"
Suddenly disappeared for a long time, the elder of the ancient pot appeared in his voice, and there was still no emotional fluctuation. "Don’t worry, maybe others will lose their way after entering the floating world and never return to the celestial world, but you are different. It is easy for you to return to the celestial world with a heavenly heart and a sacred world!"
Although the elder didn’t say the specific method, Baiye was still at ease with his guarantee.
"Elder, is there anything else you need me to do?"
"What I want you to do is that you will do it if I don’t say anything else! Well, you have a rest and there are many things waiting for you! "
The elder’s voice faded again, and the white leaves broke away from the core of the law. A soft figure flew over and held him. It was Qianluosha who had been closed for a long time.
"Bai Gong has worked hard!" Qianluosha’s face is full of joy. She has gained a lot from this closure. The original physical imprisonment has been lifted to a higher level, almost reaching the realm of immortality.
In addition, after she came out, she had to know that Baiye knew in her heart that this future immortal emperor was laying the foundation. She was fortunate enough to become an immortal emperor at this time to help her. That said, she is also a new immortal emperor, and Baiye will definitely help her!
The white leaves fell to the ancient city in the city with the help of Qianluosha. The ancient pot city is still connected to four small towns. During this more than a month, the immortals here dispersed and defended the Oriental Luo Cha array to attack those near the boulder, which also relieved the pressure. Now it is quiet and everyone is a little tired.
Three ancient pot guards and three fairy saints also arrived. They bowed to Baiye and Baiye returned the gift.
"Finally settled down, let’s have a rest. Although it’s chaotic here, it’s full of aura. It’s easy to practice to carefully discharge the dry and chaotic atmosphere of the original floating world!" Baiye said to them and to the whole ancient pot fairy.
Oriental Luo Cha looked at Baiye very tired and said, "There is nothing for us to do in the public?"
"If you don’t, just rest. Now this is not the celestial world. Everyone is welcome. All right, let’s go!"
Baiye finished and went to the original hut with Qian Luosha’s support.
The bear pulled the Oriental Luo Cha and said, "Brother, should we show the public those raw puppets first?"
Oriental Luo Cha said, "Let’s show it to him after the public recovers!"
Ji Ze also said, "Although the environment here is bad, it can be regarded as a quiet place with the ancient city. We also took the opportunity to restore and repair. I don’t know what we will encounter in this world!"
Oriental Luo Cha nodded and said, "The most important thing here is to protect our strength. Let’s go to rest!"
So quiet, the ancient city became quieter. There were retreats in the house, sitting directly in the street and meditating, and running to the edge of the ancient city to carefully absorb the power scattered by the floating world.
Central Fairyland Fenghua Home Quiet City This is Fenghua Home City. There are many spirits and beasts in the fairy world, and many precious fairy fruits and herbs are planted, which is one of the important places of Fenghua Home.
Fenghua Gan is sitting in the central hall of a quiet city, opposite him is a man, a refined young man.
"Red line two honour person …" Elegance dry stare at young people in the heart is very uncomfortable.
"Fenghua’s adult is lurking here when I am ordered by my eldest brother. Please ask the adults to arrange it!"
Fenghua Dry Finger looked at this leech gently, and it took a long time before he said, "Since it was arranged by the Great Venerable Red Line, I can’t refuse it. You can stay with my son Fenghua Shuohuang, and I will give you a reasonable identity. You should have a jade card, so you should not easily leak your breath!"
The second honour person of the red line bowed down and said, "Lord Xie Fenghua!"
With that, he recruited a puppet and took him out. Of course, this puppet is made of various materials. Although it looks like a real person, it has no soul and flesh.
Looking at this little leech leaving Fenghua Gan, I couldn’t stop sighing. A black shadow came from a distance and said
Will you sigh? "
"What can I do without sighing?"
Shadow blink of an eye to the elegance and dry side is the middle-aged man who has always been around the elegance and new moon emperor.
The middle-aged man said, "This is the fate of Fenghua family. You can’t turn back if you sigh again!"
Elegance dry hands burying his face in his eyes actually shed two lines of blood and tears. There is no momentum in his expression, but he is full of children’s feelings.
Middle-aged people also sighed and said, "Don’t do this. It’s not your fault. Blame your parents and ancestors!"
Fenghua dry simply said, "They? They are all confused. Although their minds deserve it, they can also endure what my elegance and family will have such a disaster … "
"You are the only one awake in the whole Fenghua family, but what can you do now to make them believe that you put people beside your son?"
Fenghua’s family is a fairy with a long history, but who knows that such a big family is a stooge at the feet of others, and chess doesn’t even benefit at all. People can do things for you at any time if they are unhappy, but most people in this family are willing to accept it!
A rare sober person has a lot of pressure in his heart. If it weren’t for this family, he might have collapsed.
Fenghua Ganchang breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I have to trouble my brother to take care of other things. I’ll do it!" "
"Taking care of the new moon emperor is my promise that I will do it well, but you should be careful. You Fenghua family will have an answer soon if you want to come!"
Said the middle-aged man turned into a shadow, far away from the elegance and dryness, and gathered up the blood and tears to sort out the clothes step by step from the quiet city …
There is a long and narrow strip along the east coast of Kirin in the northern fairy land, which extends to the far north. There are many mountains, caves, fairies, beasts and spirits, and there are also many protozoans in the celestial world. This is a rare quiet place in the celestial world. Although it is rich in resources, there is a spiritual emperor here to protect everyone, and no one else dares to make trouble here.
Linghuang is an immortal emperor and the most well-known immortal emperor in the celestial world. The main reason is that he often appears in the celestial world, unlike other immortals, and when he is away, he has two star kings. He manages this vast place. These two star kings are also rare people in the celestial world. One is Wenguang Star King and the other is Wuta Star King.
At this time, Huang Bei stayed in a quiet valley with a group of people who were soaring. This is the handsome man who said that the historic site was actually a celestial protoss, and there was nothing special in this area. There are also several celestial protoss who are quiet and peaceful races. Huang Bei also likes it very much here.
These betrayed all the people who practiced for so long and Huang Bei’s spiritual world helped Jidu reach the level of immortals, like the original Nine Temple where several venerable people reached the level of immortals, so the level of practice in the celestial world was also extremely fast.
There are no pavilions and palaces in the valley. Huang Bei lives in a hut, and there is a futon in it. She meditates and rests.
At this time, Huang Bei is also sitting in the face, but opposite her, there is another person, a burly man who is the third brother of the red-line leech.
The appearance and physique of the two brothers of the red-line leech have changed since they cultivated the new blood line. At this time, the third one is much stronger and more handsome than before.
The Red Line Three Honorable Persons have already reported their names to Huang Bei and Huang Bei has been sitting there for a long time without talking.

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