This place is not far from the mountainside. Four Zhou Lin crowns are high, and the fluorescence is gorgeous and bright, which makes people feel like they are in a dreamland, but it is also beautiful

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Luo Yu didn’t expect that he would walk so smoothly halfway up the mountain, except to meet some blind stars and fine spirits, and then something happened again. It seems that this younger brother still has it.
Although the scenery in this black mountain is good and the fog fills the air, it also looks a bit fairy-like, but the smell around it is really bad and rotten, mixed with pungent stench, which makes people want to vomit.
Seeing Luo Yu always frowning and covering his nose, Wu A was considerate and said, "Brother, you are not used to this smell when you first arrived in Montenegro, are you?"
Feather nodded slightly "what’s this smell? So fishy … "
Wu looked at the quiet Shan Ye and whispered, "The bones are rotten."
"Rotten bones?" Los feather followed looked around.
He didn’t see any rotting corpses and bones all this way.
O o don’t rush to talk, but jumped on the black riding first, casually found a tree in heaven, and then poked his feet and kicked the tree like a broken spar, pointing to the impressively exposed white things and laughing, "Look, big brother."
Luo Yu looked intently and saw that this fluorescent and beautiful tree was full of rotten bones with a foul smell!
O wu came to another big tree, as usual, lift the foot to dial the tree to cover the broken spar-not rotten bones …
That suffocating stench can converge, just like the essence, and it is spreading out and permeating the fields!
While Wu Ah points to the lush tree-lined surroundings, which seems quite calm. It seems that he has long been accustomed to "Big Brother, the big tree in Heishan has more or less bones …"
Listen, Uah, slowly, Luoyu has been shocked. Look around!
It turns out that this mountain, as hard as carbolite, can thrive and grow into such a big tree, and it is extremely huge and tall because these fluorescent trees are dedicated to absorbing the essence of human bones and breeding yin and rot.
And these big trees spit out the cold and corrupt atmosphere, which is the favorite place of mountain spirits and ghosts, such as hotbeds and blessed places.
All mountain spirits and ghosts will bury the remaining bones in trees after harming people’s lives …
After a long time, there is a scene of lush trees and trees halfway up the mountain.
It is no wonder that there are giant trees in the middle of this black mountain, but nothing grows in the middle. This is because there are not enough bones ~!
So his feet … Isn’t it a hill of bones and bones!
Thinking of this, Luo Yu frowned and said, "In this case, there are few people entering here, and who will inherit it?"
See los feather face coldly seems o pointed to the mountain "eldest brother guishi what have no? Want to know this black mountain is rich in high-quality soul stones, but those Mohling people are rare and tight … "
Obviously, he is about to go to the black market, and he also has slave trading activities.
At the moment, Luo Yu, listening to Ua’s words, slowly found that the boundary of Montenegro seems to be chaotic, but the sequence key is hidden in the chapter. It is also rich in high-quality soul stones and so close to the holy land of Mohling, so the Mohling people can let themselves go and not possess themselves.
Is there anything powerful in this black mountain … that can challenge the holy land?
Thought of here seems to have found this abnormal and unreasonable place, he hurriedly asked, "Since there are many soul stones here, can the magic repair not compete for possession?" Is there a strong person in the mountain who can compete with the holy land? "
At the moment, O Wu has a look of uncertainty. "This … I don’t know the past. I heard that this boundary was really ill elsewhere a long time ago, but then I don’t know how to make it as bright as the day is like a crack …
Since then, it has become what it looks like. The grass grows, the warblers fly, and the fish, birds and animals are constantly practicing taxiing, which is what it looks like today. "
Obviously, the black water in Montenegro became what it is today because of the sudden distortion after the vision of heaven and earth, and there seems to be something strange in it.
Luo Yu quickly asked, "Do you know what happened at that time?"
O wu nao peng feather forehead wanted to think "hmm … say for a long time … is old for a long time ~ guess the ancient times, it is said that there was a huge than the black dragon was cut by an Excalibur, and boy days cracked!
Gee … Half of the black dragon’s predecessor escaped and half of its body fell, and here it turned into Montenegro; Blood poured down like a downpour and became black water.
I don’t know if it’s true or false, but I don’t know how many times the big brother knew about the magic repair war in Montenegro thousands of years ago. Which of these mountain scum is the magic repair strongman opponent? Mainly, of course, the younger brother was not if … "
Seeing this bird blow its own horn again.
Luo Yu used to correct "get to the point"
"Well …" Wu Ah smiled awkwardly. "The key point is that … the chop suey in the mountains were almost beaten to doubt their lives, and the Montenegro Department actually roared!"
"Roar?" Luo Yu looked shocked. "Can you wait for the roar?"
O Wu shook his head. "I don’t know if the younger brother was still in the future, but I heard that the roar didn’t look like a dragon singing and a tiger roaring."
Gee ….. A roar straight call magic repair ten million people heart and gallbladder burst dare not rashly attack, so this is the later non-aggression rules.
Brother, do you think there will be a powerful backer hidden in our black mountain? Hey ~ could it be the black dragon soul? "
Los feather silently meditation nodded slightly "well … it is also possible"
Wu o see his eldest brother agree with his point of view, then to the strength of us with the play "right? Otherwise, Mo Xiu keeps this treasure land and doesn’t occupy it.
But then again, how long has it been? If it’s a dragon soul, how powerful is the black dragon? "
And he took a deep breath in a gasp "gee …! I’m afraid that such a powerful black dragon has been beheaded … The five-color Excalibur is even worse! "
Smell the word "five-color Excalibur" Luo Yu suddenly opened his eyes and drank!
"What did you just say?"
Wu Ah saw Luo Yu’s color change a little scared and puzzled, and looked at Luo Yu falteringly and said, "Five … Five colors Excalibur ~ Cut the black dragon. What’s the matter, big brother?"
Los feather burst indecision uncertain look in the heart has rain or shine uncertain inwardly muttered …
"Black Dragon … Five-color Excalibur … Ancient … Is it the Five Ancestors who cut the dragon!"
And when I guess so in my heart,
Suddenly, Luo Yu heard that this black mountain seemed to suddenly come, shaking the earth, singing dragons, roaring and screaming, making him uneasy, and his chest’ drumming’ was like a drum roll, shaking and shaking violently!
Looking at his face suddenly turned white, Luo Yu seemed to perceive the strange confusion and slightly worried "eldest brother … eldest brother! What’s wrong with you? "
Luo Yu looked up and stared at the dark tree-lined mountain road. "Did you … did you just hear the roar?"
O wu looked quiet like a ghost generally around Shan Ye and which come what roar?
He shook his head and looked puzzled. "What’s wrong with you, big brother? Don’t scare me!"
"Um … nothing …" Luo Yu’s pale face slowly recovered her color and wondered, "Maybe I’m hearing voices."
Having said that, his heart is indecisive.
Just now, he heard a Gao Kanglong sing as clear as a sleeping dragon waking up than hitting his heart directly.
The key is that one’s own blood seems to be in a trance, like being summoned by physical force.

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