Baiyun Tower nodded slightly and mused, "This No.7 looks like a flaw, but it is not small, especially the meditation method is very unique."

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"However, the audience just showed that they should have a little interest in the sound of Ziyan."
Xiaojing nodded and answered, "No.7 lives in a secluded valley and has been closed for guests. That’s why I invited Sister Ziyan to have a look … Do you need Elder Martial Sisters to continue exploring these days?"
Just a thought Baiyun Lou Shen replied, "I’ll personally supervise it later …"
I didn’t expect the big brother to respond like this. The little mirror turned to look at the corners of her mouth with a kind of smile. The elder sister Zi Yan was vaguely enlightened, and then she should raise her hand and switch the screen scene again.
As the development gradually stabilized, a mansion scene appeared in front of everyone. A short monk lay sprawled on his back in the room. The floor seemed to be sleeping soundly, but there was a constant cold fog around him.
On the other side of the window, a smart woman floats and stands leisurely, playing with a piece of brocade to make a magic weapon.
This woman has already adapted to the rules of human beings, and the gods dream butterflies. However, this time, she has helped the small mirror elders a lot and ruled out a large number of suspicious monks by means of dreaming.
Life and death ordinary monks naturally don’t leave their hands, but most of them are extraordinary people.
"This 13th was originally a lonely little monk of Cangyu Sect, who got a chance in an ancient relic. Not only did Xianquan wash his dharma body, but he also learned a very mysterious practice skill."
"The achievement method is ice cold way to cooperate with washing and practicing dharma to improve the speed. Because of the abnormal breath of this achievement method, it was emphasized, but after these days of secretly observing the base, the suspicion can be ruled out …"
Although some messages were reported to the master elder brother before, Xiao Jing summarized them very seriously.
"The 13th power surge mind some instability, admiration for a long time before the teacher elder sister show off easily exposed the strength and color make you giddy cheated to half of the practice of the secret method to detect after being cheated by the teacher elder sister is furious to almost do something hard to recover good timely awake …"
"After this incident, this one was absorbed in practicing for a while, but in the end it was hard to stop the vulgar thoughts …"
Hearing this Baiyun Tower, I can’t help but sigh, "There are vulgar thoughts … very good. This 13th is obviously my Terran monk’s suspicion."
After saying this, I saw the dream butterfly in the light curtain smile and throw out the brocade silk handkerchief, which will turn into a billowing fog cover and fall on the male figure lying on the ground.
A moment later, the short man slowly got up from the ground and looked a little groggy as if he were still in a dream.
As the fog dissipates, the man slowly wakes up and his eyes gradually look good.
"It turned out to be a beautiful dream, but … I will try my best to practice and realize my dream. From now on, I will be the strongest brother in the school. I will also compete for the chief name this time …"
This exclamation is very exciting. Luo Yu listened to some blood boiling and said, "That’s right. Little Thirteen finally woke up. I’m a seven-foot man in summer …"
In the middle of the words, I heard the thin man whisper, "When I get the reward, the Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce will be able to rebuild my body shape in exchange for quenching and taxiing Dan, and the senior sister should not abandon me again …"
"Er … this worthless" Luo Yu some hate iron not to produce angrily.
"Ha ha, that’s right. It’s good to be vulgar …"
Bai Dazhao smiled freely and then ordered quite casually, "It’s good for you to keep an eye on the small mirror."
Stay small mirror crisp should Baiyun Tower and Ziyan glance at each other and flicker away at the same time.
Jade peak two people show their shape before coming to the big jade, looking at the manifesting clever God flame Baiyun Tower, and lightly sigh with emotion, "The fire spirit pool re-Yan God this time should be considered as breaking into the God realm according to the God realm."
Zi Yan nodded slightly and asked softly, "But I don’t know when you will return to Qingchi?"
"This period of time didn’t even the big sapphire method to perceive the exact orientation of breath …"
In this Baiyun Tower, the mind was micro-moving, and then stopped and turned to look at the dome.
"Zi Yan’s recent sword practice has occasionally resulted in a move to push forward the sword."
"Hold on to what you want"
At the same time, two green mountains broke out and went straight to the sky.
Passing through the lightning layer from the fire and finally coming to the human world.
Gangfeng is like a knife, but they are afraid to step forward leisurely and step into a mysterious cave in a flash.
The predecessor of this cave is the Baiyun Tower, which pushes and refines the dome boundary, killing the monty and turning it into a cave of life.
After years of cultivation and expansion, the realm of ecstasy has been continuously broken through, and now this dome cave is really vast as a sea sword.
Fang Yi fled into the middle number of swords, and the breath came to my face and swam with the two people’s bodies.
These swords are all left over by two martial sisters in recent years when they pushed the sword moves, and they directly merged into a sea of swords.
Baiyun tower two people did not say much, each occupying a place, and they led each other to attack and defend like a sea sword.
For many years, the two men have already understood each other better than such a sea of swords. They also thought about melting and refining, but they have never succeeded.
Today, once again, Yin and Yang are manifested, and the whole sword sea is divided into two parts, and Yin and Yang are divided with each other.
Moments later, the two men seemed to escape into the missing territory and dispersed their obsession at the same time, no longer thinking about letting the sword melt into the sea.
Without the restraint of god’s mind, the original phase followed several swords, and suddenly it became a wandering army, like a loose sand. In the end, only dozens of swords were left, accompanied by two swords and mangs.
Baiyunlou two people no longer follow the same sword strokes, Tai Chi and extreme sword meanings are all moving with their hearts.
With the integration of Ming Dao Jing into Tai Chi, the true meaning is more rounded and the sword meaning is more powerful.
When it’s a trick to win.
Before you know it, the number of two swords and mangs combined with each other has increased to more than hundreds.
The two men were casual and didn’t consume much mind, but the sword resonated and was really recognized by a number of swords.
This taiji sword wanders freely in the sea like a prairie fire, and finally sets off a storm that can rival the sword.
Constrained but with the same mind, Baiyun Tower seems to have seen the true meaning.
Mind-blowing, sword-like, soaring, and concerted efforts to cut into the vault-like cave celestial wall.
A flash of sword fern flashed across the sky and shattered the whole cave barrier.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy The whole catastrophe
Shiwanling can see the wider world only by breaking the barrier and breaking the barrier.
Breaking the dome with a sword, although losing a mysterious place, makes people closer and more fit.
Measure the sword and mang, turn it into a sword again, and the two of them wander around freely.
These have to get rid of their cages, hover like swords, hover like spirituality for several weeks, and then scatter around to find the most suitable place to raise them.
Some people have been stranded for nine days, some have escaped into Leihai, some like to stay away from the fire, and many swords have fallen into the world, and they have gone to beautiful places or hidden monks’ swords.
"It’s still the elder brother who has the courage to give up his life so easily." Ziyan sighed lightly.
"There is no place to push the sword. The rules of the human world are more and more solid, and we will have less scruples when we make moves …"
Talking Baiyun Tower holds Long Lin sword, mans sword flashes, the blade is too weak, although it vibrates repeatedly, it is extremely tenacious.

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