Bai Yi didn’t know that his breakthrough would make Zhi painters almost stupid.

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He feels that he has a vague feeling that he is better than terror. Now he has to strike by himself … enough to destroy more than a dozen dynasties! This kind of destruction is to instantly raze more than a dozen dynasties, and there is no way for all creatures to be born with that kind of destruction.
It’s hard for him to imagine that if he reached the ninth floor of Mahayana, could he destroy dozens of dynasties with a single blow? After arriving at the 10th floor of Mahayana … Can you destroy half of the world of cultivating immortals with a single blow?
And will Mahayana Immortal Cultivation be able to turn the whole world of Immortal Cultivation into ashes with one blow?
Boy …
At that time, wouldn’t it be the great devil to destroy the world if you had a brain seizure one day?
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Two Mahayana seven layers!
On Chen Qianxue or Qin Genting, after a day and a night’s rest in the real world, he once again started a new round of simulated life of cultivating immortals.
Neither of them chose to stay in the real world for too long, because they all know that the cultivation simulator is such a precious opportunity for them.
Although it may be a kind of end association, sometimes they really can’t help thinking …
What should I do if that cultivate immortality simulator goes away from them one day?
That should be so good? !
Whether it is Chen Qianxue or Qin Gentiana … or whether the simulator still simulates the double neon of cultivating immortals, I have thought about similar problems.
After all, the special opportunity of cultivating immortality simulator is not that they can be qualified to shake hands firmly.
It is not so much that they chose the cultivation simulator as that the cultivation simulator chose them.
Since the cultivate immortality simulator chose them …
Then the relative … cultivate immortality simulator may also leave them.
All three of them cherish themselves or simulator candidate day.
Never have too many waves in reality!
After all, if they are worried that something really happened that day and they have been surfing in the real world before, then they will regret it and have no place to cry!
[Chen Qianxue was born at the age of, and she was born this time. Her mother is a Keqing elder of this sect, her father is the patriarch of this sect, and her parents are both practitioners of the realm of alchemy. This sect of cultivation of immortals she works in is also a good second-rate sect]
[Because both parents are immortal cultivators in the realm of elixir, there is a little fame in the realm of immortal cultivation. Chen Qianxue has inherited some talents from her parents, and she has some cultivation resources at the same time.]
[3-year-old Chen Qianxue has broken through the talent of cultivating immortals on the second floor of Tsukiji, which can be called the first in the whole sect. Chen Qianxue has been regarded as a sect by her parents in the future, and they think that her daughter is likely to break through the realm of Yuanying in the future.]
[At the age of one, Chen Qianxue broke through to the tenth floor of the foundation when she only practiced for a hundred years. This talent of cultivating immortals in the tenth floor of the foundation is better than she expected. Chen Qianxue’s sect has already belonged to the middle school.]
[At the age of 15, after 50 years of penance, Chen Qianxue broke through to the realm of cultivation on the first floor of the elixir, which shocked her parents. What does it mean in the realm of cultivation of immortals at the age of 150? 】
[means a peerless genius! It means it’s a dragon and a phoenix among people! It means tianjiao! 】
[3-year-old Chen Qianxue broke through to the fourth floor of then, but it seems that it is difficult for her school to give her more training resources after practicing at this level. Chen Qianxue is also very clear about this. After all, her school is a second-rate school.]
[Chen Qianxue decides to go out for a trip]
[5-year-old Chen Qianxue broke through to the level of cultivation in the elixir, and after reaching this level, she is also a minor celebrity in the cultivation of immortals. Although it is not a great ability to cultivate immortals, it can also bear the strong word]
[After 300 years of penance, Chen Qianxue hit Yuan Yingjing! Perhaps it was the previous simulated cultivation of immortals that allowed her to accumulate several experiences, or perhaps it was that she had made a lot of preparations before, and this breakthrough was very smooth.
[Chen Qianxue broke through to the first floor of Yuanying! 】
"Hundred-year-old yuan baby a layer of repair state put so big cultivate immortality in the world is rare, right? I seem to be lucky in the recent simulation of cultivating immortals. Every simulation of cultivating immortals is very good, and this time is no exception. "
Chen Qianxue feels that if the future goes well, it should not be a problem to simulate the breakthrough of cultivating immortals to the realm of deification this time.
What also has a great probability … Can let her break through to Mahayana realm.
Can Yu break a record of simulated cultivation of immortals?
This Chen Qianxue is somewhat unclear.
Because she is also somewhat uncertain.
After all, a simulated cultivation of immortality, but she broke through to the realm of Mahayana seven-layer cultivation in the simulator, which is not something that can be done simply by cultivating talents.
Whether it is luck or what kind of factors are indispensable, we can break through that realm again.
Can you say …
Hope is slim!
Shook his head.
Chen Qianxue stopped thinking too much, because she knew that she thought so much, and there was nothing. She continued to cultivate immortality in the simulator and inspired her to simulate the cultivation of immortality.
[15-year-old Chen Qianxue successfully broke through to the five-story Yuan Ying, such an age, and broke through to such a realm of cultivation. Among the many people who cultivate immortals in the five-story Yuan Ying, Chen Qianxue is one of the particularly young ones.]

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