Hearing him say this, the two officers cast sympathy and agreed with their eyes. They didn’t interrogate Lin Quan in the past.

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Came to the door Tianyang control nymphs put his hand on the side of the scanner and then put his eyes forward to the door. After the retina reader lights up a light blue light, the door will automatically play.
Nymphs went in with his vision Tianyang’ see’ to the worker.
He looked up in surprise. "Director Lin, who are you?"
Tianyang controls the nymphs and walks over and glances at his chest in a very hidden way. There is this man’s name Jin Xing.
"I’m going to take that material and you help me take it out."
Tianyang control nymphs own voice said
Jin Xing looked confused. "Which material?"
Nymphs saw his one eye "and which one, of course, is the black star castle that one"
Jin Xing this just suddenly way "so you mean that director Lin, have you forgotten? After the experimental materials ran out last night, the school has asked us to relocate them and they have to be noticed by the storm. "
We have to be aware of the storm!
It is said that there is more than one piece of material and the storm doesn’t know about it.
Tianyang in Lin Quanfang felt that he was approaching a huge secret, but he was a little nervous, but he still controlled Lin Quandao. "Oh, then come with me. I can’t finish the work alone."
Jin Xing frowned. "Do you have any unfinished work? Why didn’t I know? "
Lin Quan hummed, "You don’t need to know so much. You need to do as I say. If this matter is not handled well, you and I are both in trouble."
Jinxing did not dare to ask more questions and hurriedly ended the task at hand and nymphs left the laboratory.
Tianyang deliberately controlled nymphs to walk behind. After all, he didn’t know where crazy songs were collected, and Jin Xingxian knew that this worker didn’t realize that their experimental supervisor was being controlled.
Jin Xing walked ahead without knowing it, and Tianyang became a’ guide’.
Chapter 732 Exchange terms
Through the front of the’ guide’ Tianyang manipulated the nymphs and followed him, he soon found Jin Xingzheng walking towards the rear compartment.
At the end of the base car, this car is the trunk of the car, except for the power outdoor water purification and circulation system, air conditioning system and other important ecological systems, which can be said to be in this car
Therefore, other personnel are not allowed to enter or leave except lathe workers.
I didn’t expect crazy song, an important’ material’, to be hidden in the trunk, so I didn’t know which other materials besides him.
Came to the entrance, Jin Xing took out his card and slapped the door. After scanning the scanner surface, the rear compartment door was hit.
Tianyang, who shares the nymphs’ vision, also’ sees’ the scene in the rear compartment.
In order to make room for all kinds of systems, the tailgate aisle is obviously much narrower, and only three or four people can walk side by side visually.
Nymphs still fall behind Jin Xing. Two people didn’t talk and soon arrived at the entrance of a room. There were two officers wearing iron walls on duty.
They saw nymphs two people exchanged glances in confusion, and one of them said, "What else can I do for you so late?"
Jin Xing took a look back at the nymphs and waited for the supervisor to answer the words.
Tianyang did his best to control the nymphs. "I want to take experimental materials so that I can break through the current research bottleneck."
Obviously, the two officers have no experience in experimental research, and they know Lin Quan. Listening to the director of the experiment didn’t stop them. They woke up and said, "Director Lin remembered to inform the school that it is necessary to have two major fields or he himself to release the material."
Nymphs shook his head. "I don’t need to release the material just to get some data."
The two officers nodded and didn’t continue to beat the door and sideways.
Nymphs stop Jin Xing peers "I’ll go in by myself. Go back to the lab and finish the unfinished work first."
Jin Xing leng thought that since you don’t need my help, what do you want me to do? But Lin Quan is his level, and he dare not say much. He nodded and walked back.
Nymphs walked into the room. There were two hibernating cabins in the dim light, and there was a life-sustaining instrument next to them. The instrument had multiple conduits, which connected the hibernating cabin and could send nutrients into the cabin for people to sustain their lives.
Nymphs walked over and looked into a hibernating cabin. Through the window, he saw a female face. Although she was thin and slightly white, her facial features were still very attractive.
Sharing the vision of the experimental director, Tianyang whispered "General Witch?"
In the fortress war, Tianyang didn’t face the siren general Xue Yan directly, but he saw each other’s information and was naturally able to recognize them by their looks.
Nymphs went to another hibernating cabin, so he saw the crazy song, which was different from the general witch’s crazy song and fell asleep at the end. He felt the nymphs’ eyes suddenly open.
He didn’t know what to say in the hibernating cabin, and his mouth kept opening and his eyes kept spraying anger.
Tianyang controls the experiment director and finds the communication button. He first makes a gesture of silence and then taps the button to realize the call.
"I’m not a nymphs"

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