"I haven’t finished yet. The special world qualification battle was the first time he appeared in the eyes of major explorers. Now it is the second time in the sixth-order world battle. I heard that it was also a fairy fight at that time. Godzilla announced his name in a high-profile way. Lu Chen later went to Heaven."

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Aon continued, "You know, at that time, he could participate in the sixth-order world battle, saying that his explorer rank was only sixth, but at that time, he already had the seventh-order combat power, and then our people also suffered in a native world. He heard that the Glorious Adventure Group was destroyed by him."
"Brilliant adventure group! ? Actually, it is destroying his hands? "
Some people exclaimed that before the Glorious Adventure Group, the rising speed of the new stars in the seventh-order explorer echelon also rose rapidly from the first-order formation to the seventh-order adventure group, and the scale was less than 30 worlds, which can be described as the elite of the elite.
Although there are many people who are better than the head of the glorious adventure group, they dare not say that they will always be better than Fang over time, but the glorious adventure group is no longer there.
"Well, according to the time analysis, I’m afraid he just came out of the world. One world completed the transformation from the sixth-order strength to the seventh-order. The original world exploded and killed the seventh-order midstream glorious adventure group, and I heard supporters say that the guy finally killed all the ancient gods in that world."
Aon’s narrative also felt outrageous. He was listening to it when he was happy. I didn’t expect that today’s world battle was ranked by the other side.
If all kinds of information are true, can you save your life or spare your life?
"Isn’t that elder brother Lu Chen, who speaks like this, still a long way from the seventh-order peak before entering this special world? These seven-order explorers are nothing, right?"
Some people wonder what his top seven explorers do to eat, but they haven’t robbed a rising star yet.
Aon said meaningfully, "One thing you just said is wrong. I don’t know the process, but the result is a certain meaning. He really penetrated that era."
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventeen Fill the life
"Playing through! ? Impossible? "
Many explorers of faeries are shocked and feel incredible.
"Didn’t you say it was the top-ranking strong who initiated the dark turmoil? Why did he break through?"
Someone doesn’t understand
Aon shrugged his shoulders. "I don’t know about this. Old Miss didn’t tell me so much. Let me meet the one walking around."
Seeing that all the explorers looked serious, he smiled again. "The good news is that we won’t be able to touch him soon. That guy should be born soon. Let the perverts play with their own bosses to abuse him."
When the major schools discussed Lu Chen’s deeds, the origin once again launched an application for world war, but this time it was not passed by arbitration.
Due to the boycott initiated by the grand coalition, it is recognized that the "violation" of the origin bank is true in have no martial ethics.
Just received the news of the world battle, which showed that the explorers were relieved and said that the world battle was temporarily cancelled without punishment.
Cancellation and surrender are two concepts, the latter is defeat, and the former is what happens.
The fairy mist was born in chaos, and the only tower was suspended. Several people had headaches and rubbed their eyebrows.
"Origin, this is a low-order loss. Now you want to get back?"
"But they won a lot in the seventh order, so it’s really ugly."
"It’s like a child showing off treasures. It’s really a big head."
Several people discussed with a wry smile that they were in charge of arbitration and would encounter such funny things during this duty period.
First, the handsome man looked at the man’s information on the screen. "This is deterrence, just like human nuclear deterrence in some small worlds, telling him that he is not easy to bully."
No one asked him what the origin was. This time, he won the world by "despicable means" and has entered the pocket. Later, he will be afraid of the origin when he fights for the seventh place.
Because for the major countries, it is allowed to add people temporarily in the world battle.
That is to say, the list has been decided, but before it is put into use, Lu Chen can be dragged to the war at any time.
If this is a game, the origin of this line is to let almost all of him put the mouse first and find that the opposite side is not hung before moving the mouse to normal games.
"Lu Chen … how is this name familiar?"
The first man frowned and thought carefully in his mind.
"origin settlement"
Liu Chen took Xiao Jinlong back to the room and settled the reward. Chuhang has also returned.
[Now pioneer unified settlement reward …]
[Being settled … Settlement completed]
[Comprehensive evaluation of the pioneer’s outstanding performance in the second world battle SS+won the Master War Medal * 1]
[According to the pioneer’s performance in the world battle, you can choose three out of seven awards]
A, bearing crystal integrity * 1
B, attribute extreme reward compensation (rare)
C, fairy level full score props treasure chest * 2
D, progressive awakening of talent (rare)
E. Master-level random specialization scroll
F, immortal random equipment treasure box fragments * 3
G, master bless (rare)
Lu Chen probably scanned the B option. He is a required attribute extreme reward. Because he has been missed in the past, he will be less strengthened than other explorers. If he does not choose, he will lose.
He looked at the D option talent awakening because it was not the suffix of "final chapter" in his imagination, but a "progressive chapter"
"Progress of Talent Awakening"
Origin of origin

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