"What, this couple has joined forces? I don’t know."

Published on 20/06/2024

"I’m also wondering about life."
The media has gone crazy. The reporter paparazzi sent out everything. The truth behind the scenes.
"Brother crooked, what happened to you in Class V?"
"Don’t ask me, I’m just a handyman. It’s not like you don’t know this. I’m also stupid. I hung up."
"crooked sister, is your college classmate, aunt, aunt, neighbor and nephew in class V? Can you do me a favor?"
From the reporter’s photo of the director of the General Administration entering DreamWorks, everyone is talking about what sanctions suluo will face and what kind of repression it will face, waiting to see the arrogance of suluo. Is it unlucky?
The result is honey inversion.
Suluo was photographed walking into the V building.
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The night after, it was reported that DreamWorks and V were creating a new program.
One second, it’s still deathless, bitter enemies, bitter rivals, and the next second, it’s flirting with each other and talking about love. How can we accept this reality?
But this is the reality. It is most unlikely that a couple will really come together, so the people who eat melons can come to a conclusion after summing up.
"suluo was embraced by the court."
This kind of speech is very persuasive and the market soon became mainstream.
"It’s obvious that the pit owner has fallen."
"Hum suluo also has unintelligent times."
"Su Luocong successfully dodged a bullet"
"Well, it’s better to accept harness than to have a knife hanging from your head."
"Ha ha, what do you think is good? You can also look at the science and education channel. What place is that? Hell level. Doing programs on that channel can have a bright future.
What the hell are they going to do? Lecture room program type, cultural lecture column purpose, building common sense of the times, pursuing academic innovation and enjoying intelligent life.
Who will watch this kind of academic program? To put it bluntly, the pit owner has been sanctioned, which is a change of law. I estimate that the pit owner is suffering now. "
"Er, no, the official announced that this program was designed and planned by suluo himself."
"So what? What’s more, the pit owner has given up treatment because his heart is dying."
"The pit master has fallen."
"The pit was mainly destroyed by V"
Is that really the case?
(of feudal rulers) offer amnesty to rebels and promise to enlist their service
Have you ever seen anyone recruit someone who is in charge of things?
It’s the V department that really suffers, especially the science and education channel. When people come over, they just cancel the new program they just broadcast without saying hello. Who can stand it if they want to find a new program to replace it?
"I don’t know what the new director is into. What’s wrong with him? I’m really"
"Don’t say that our boss turned against the director’s table. He didn’t even say that he had to do what he meant. If the program didn’t work after the broadcast, he would say that the boss was airy and put him back in a few words."
"Hum, the netizens in the lecture room don’t like me, let alone what the hell? suluo, if you are a musician, it may be a joke for you to talk about boring history."
"Hehe, what’s even more funny is that it’s so ridiculous to prepare for recording today and broadcasting the day after tomorrow."
"Poof, still dare to boast about Haikou 169 and wait for the embarrassment."
"Is it morbid for me to hope that our channel program will die for the first time?"
"It’s morbid, but I think so. We are in the same boat."
The staff of science and education channel have mixed feelings.
However, just as suluo said no, he had to hold back who let the director support him now. Do it honestly according to his instructions. A studio and a table should be used to record the audience. If you don’t look for a V hand, no workers want to be an audience. Let’s see what new tricks suluo is going to play.
At seven o’clock the next morning
Suluo came with DreamWorks people. After entering the V building, it is natural that he won’t get any good looks. Everyone’s expression is white and relaxed. He doesn’t care too much about seeing the staff of the science and education channel feel as uncomfortable as eating flies after seeing themselves. Instead, he can’t help but want to laugh.
This is probably the strangest working atmosphere. You ignore me and I ignore you.
Soon the small recording hall DreamWorks took over.
"no problem"
"aircraft seat"
"The inspection is complete"
"no problem"
The science and education channel can watch people perform in the studio and whisper with disdain.
"it’s really"
"What are we checking for? It’s like we’ll deliberately make mistakes and harm them."
"Ha ha, I want to see what you can do in this small hall."
We are busy here. What are you whining about there? Hong Pang is unhappy. "Hey, hey, people, please go out and enter the audience first."
Everyone on the science and education channel immediately replied, "Report to the director and we are the audience."
Yo-ho, it can’t cure you, can it? Hong Pang screamed loudly, "Then sit still and record the horse. What are you doing there? Are you stupid?"
We endure
The final inspection is completed
I changed a suit of Chinese tunic suit in my make-up. After a brief period of dressing, Sue fell to the lecture position. Take a look at the desk. Boy, these audiences are "acquaintances". In the first row, V, the channel bosses sat in the middle, which is the new director of V.
Suluo smilingly quipped.
"You are too perfunctory. Listen to the lecture. At least take a small note to record a knowledge point."
This joke is not funny at all. The bosses are hanging with you crazy. You still have a mind to joke. Xiao Hua, the head of the science and education channel, just died.
"You’d better give us a little surprise. I’ll tell you the truth. I’m sorry if this program doesn’t have your grades."
Yeah, he’s a grumpy guy.
Suluo got bored and shrugged his shoulders. "You’d better get the money ready. I played very high."
Xiao Hua disdained, "Oh, I won’t say that the quality of the program will be like this. Now it will be broadcast on the day of recording. It is said that the speed of dreamers is fast. I really want to study hard today."

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