The laboratory encourages you to try more and be skilled, but you have to strictly follow the operating rules. There are cameras everywhere in the laboratory. You want to mess around and break the equipment, and then pat * * and leave the door. There is no Yunshan Institute, and no one can do things well. Don’t worry, it will never be lower than the same age and education. Help the same position in research institutions in the world. But if you can’t do a good job, you don’t have the habit of notifying people three months ago.

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However, Yunshan Institute is just a low-level research institution that Nie Xin came to sort out the material library in the spiritual world to solve the actual production process. The real core research is still carried out by Nie Xin himself.
After returning to the sea, Nie Xin soon conducted a series of experiments and made a breakthrough. Nie Xin set up a programmable automatic plotter and then connected the symbol making tool set with the plotter. The symbol making tool set was not as simple as it used to be. The original bottle hanger was replaced by an automatic pressure stabilizing ink system. It didn’t take much time to make a simple needle manometer combination circuit. Because the ink pressure was stable, the catheter was set with three-speed ink adjustment buttons, and there was no need to worry that the pipeline must be lower than the ink set. The activity is greatly high. First, the second half of the writing brush is cut off, and now the special metal pen tube is directly connected with the ink pipe. The pen tip is not like a wolf’s hair or a sheep’s hair, but is similar to the capillary principle of the highlighter pen tip to keep the stable writing trace. After the completion of the construction, Nie Xin made various attempts.
Finally, once Nie Messenger sent psionic wires composed of animal nerves to stably lose psionic power to the automatic plotter, so that the plotter can finally get stable psionic power in the process of drawing spells. The quality of the Xuanyan symbols made by the plotter this time is very good, but Nie Xin thinks that this can at most prove the writer’s brush strokes when making low-order spells. Whether the success of thinking and making symbols is the only thing is psionics and the structure of spells is quite satisfactory. When Mr. Meng learned of this, he said that his apprentices were so unemployed that it would be good to give them to the plotter psionics. However, Nie Xin was not satisfied with this achievement. The whole process of making symbols for the plotter is very complicated. There is no "production" at all. It means that an apprentice has to accurately card the plotter with standard yellow paper, and then start drawing while stably outputting psionics, and then take the plotter yellow paper. The door is a little bigger than the actual need because of the installation of the yellow paper for drawing and protecting workers. The apprentice has to cut off the rest of the concubine. "The whole process is so complicated that it is slower than drawing a symbol by himself. The only solution is just the problem of the yield of the system.
"What else do you want?" Hearing that Nie Xin had completed the basic structure of the plotter by himself, Mo Xiang couldn’t help it. He hurriedly took care of the iron ore in Australia and flew back. He just yelled at Nie Xin that machines replaced manpower. What an achievement is this? What makes him feel wronged is that this kind of thing has no him! Mo Xiang was furious and said, "Eldest brother, think about it. Almost everyone can make spells after you come here. Although we have experimented with low-level spells, the yield rate has been greatly reduced once the low-level spells are solved. It is really not manpower or frugality. After all, we consume a lot of things a little less."
Mo Xiang put together a plotter and put forward his own revision opinions while studying the structure. "You said that the process is complicated, but this is not difficult to solve. I can design an automatic paper feeding, positioning device and cutting function, and I can make two spells almost every minute. Brother Nie, this is already terrible, ok? How many spiritual practitioners can take shifts? This plotter can produce two scrolls of spells per hour, and getting a few more of these things can solve the problem of production efficiency of existing symbols. "
Nie Xin smiled and said, "A roll of spells is just four rounds of lingyan guns and ammunition. How is it enough? Just because Jiuyintang gave you an order, you also saw a total of 5,000 phlogistic guns. Besides one hand, you have to have a considerable library. At least each phlogistic gun has to issue ammunition vigorously, right? That is, it is not difficult to distribute this technology, but it can be copied in large quantities, but we can’t spread it out, can we? High-level practitioners will definitely refuse to do this. All these things are done by pneumatic and spiritual practitioners. Even if everyone has one of these things, can you guarantee that you will continue to output psionic energy for an hour every day? I’ve tried, even if I can only guarantee that my mental energy will be exhausted at most. If we can correct it, it will be good for the yogi to produce 1000 rounds of phlogistic bullets every day, which is far from enough. "
Mo Xiang was told that he sat cross-legged and asked, "I’ll make the automatic paper and cutting part of the plotter first. In addition, we’ll do something about psychic guidance. What can this thing do first?" What do you think? "
Nie Xin’s eyes lit up and said, "We have to hang on to this thing. Look at my sketch first."
After reading Nie Xin’s sketch, Mo Xiang’s brow wrinkled immediately. Nie Xin wanted to make it a printer. How did the printer realize the printing function? Nie Xin should have his own ideas. He sketched several different printer department structures. At first glance, Mo Xiang was also a little difficult to understand. He was not very good at making symbols. The printer equipment alone was enough for Mo Xiang to drink a pot. Nie Xin’s idea was that the printer would definitely make inkjet or thermal sublimation. One of the two modes, thermal dye sublimation, was more reliable, but inkjet printers had advantages in speed and efficiency, such as trade-offs.
No matter what kind of ink, paper mechanism, cinnabar ink particles are not so delicate that you don’t have to block the printer nozzle, so you have to think more about it. Also, considering the production efficiency of printing spells, the printer must adopt continuous ink mode. Anyway, there is an ink, which is really not difficult to solve. Compared with paper and cutting, it is a little troublesome. The production management interface is made, so you can’t connect your brains, right? Nie Xin’s idea is an interactive interface with a six-inch LCD screen. He knows all kinds of phase information of the printer through this screen. Nie Xin has not been successfully aroused by Crazy Taoist. He is superstitious about the touch screen. His idea of this interactive interface is similar to the operation mode of ATM. The buttons on both sides of the screen are guided by the screen, but the other design is interesting. Nie Xin hopes that the interactive interface will be made into a mobile phone module to remotely control the printer’s manual spells.
Mo Xiang, if you think about it, it really makes sense. When he was chased by his enemy, he made spells at home and fled back by himself. Immediately, he could take a lot of spells and throw a good calculation, but then a problem came up.
"Brother Nie doesn’t use a number so often. What if he owes a stop?" Mo Xiang asked
Nie Xin was startled.
It’s very technical. Liuqiao likes to smash tickets and scare people.
【 Chapter ninety-nine One small step for the spiritual world 】
Xi zhang yi Wheel Busy Company arranged the follow-up marketing of Nie Xin, Zhang Yifeng and Mo Xiang, and a group of three people set off with a large number of equipment. They also went to the hanging river abode of fairies and immortals with tendrils and Tang Xuefan. Nie Xin didn’t know how long it would take to complete the research. It was somewhat uneasy that Tang Xuefan would take care of tendrils, although she would let her know some secrets, but she wouldn’t want to come to Tang Tengjiao. If nothing happened, she would still show her enough ability and value.
Mu En is expected to stay in Yangzhou to help them solve the problem of contact with the outside world. The distance from the entrance of the secret land to the hanging river cave is quite long, but Mo Xiang lent his shuttle to Mu En to shorten the round trip time to more than six hours, which will not be a problem.
Their external communication requirements are not so urgent.
In the hanging river abode of fairies and immortals, the two spirit beasts, Daqing and Xiaoyu, are too familiar with this place, and in the secret land, they can brazenly spread their love and have no intention of how people around them will react. Daqing can even show off his body shape and carry Xiaoyu around the whole Yunmengze.
In the hanging river abode of fairies and immortals, the installation team, computer and network went for a long time, and then all kinds of equipment were installed and debugged. Nie Xin, the second floor of the abode of fairies and immortals, hasn’t called everyone to see it yet. Now, although we are a little tempted by Nie Xin’s treasure house of materials, those things won’t run away by themselves, and it won’t make any difference if we look back. Haven’t seen these things for so long and haven’t deteriorated?
Moxiang, the peripheral equipment of the printer, quickly came up with a solution. When making cinnabar ink, water or wine was used to adjust it to meet the needs of ink jet or thermal transfer. Moxiang tried many solvents and finally decided whether to make the alcohol solvent cinnabar ink and alcohol automatically mix and stir in strict proportion by relying on two devices. Then, through a long and thick pipeline Moxiang pipeline, a microwave oscillating device was installed to beat cinnabar ink particles to the most delicate degree, and then a filter screen was used to beat those particles. Impurities can be filtered out so that the ink system can meet the needs of the printer. The printer nozzle certainly does not support the current mainstream printers. The so-called 6-picoliter and 4-picoliter ink drops are at most slightly upgraded to concave, but this accuracy is quite enough. They don’t want any photo effects. Then Nie Xingong’s printer mechanical structure and background service are very simple, but the practice rules are very sophisticated and complicated. Without a deep understanding of psionics, such things can’t be designed at all.
Nie Xin, after repeated attempts, thought that there might be a way to solve the problem of whether the printing spell is effective or not. Unlike the plotter, the plotter is a pen that draws the required graphics first and then according to the program, while the printer parses the whole image into lines and then draws them separately in order, and finally splices the whole graphics. The plotter draws continuously, while the printer draws discontinuously. The plotter imitates the spell-making process, so that people can make spells according to this principle. The line spell can naturally take effect, but the printer is different. It simulates not the process of drawing spells by people, but the process of converting psionic energy and texture into effective spells from simple figures. Because the ink drops are far away from the original pipeline even at a very short distance after coming out of the nozzle, there is no technology to ensure that psionic energy can be accurately distributed to each tiny ink drop, so that the continuous spraying process can be compared with the drawing process of a plotter. Nie Xin decided to adopt another idea. He did not guarantee that the ink drops would be distributed to each tiny ink drop. It can contain psionics, but it can ensure that the yellow surface paper will remain psionic at last, and the part where ink drops are sprayed is precisely the place where psionics are the most dense and active. If the lowest spell can be effective only through psionics and texture, this method will certainly achieve results.
In ord to ensure that that yellow watch paper finally has active psionics, Nie Xin adopt the technology named "psychic brush". He made a whole piece of high-order lingshi to be processed, mol and printed. When supporting the yellow watch paper bracket, the paper was pressed down. The positioning was golden branches, wooden round chess, and golden branches were indispensable materials for inducing psionics in lingshi. Those who needed to come to Lingshi for energy array, The magic weapon base adopts the golden branch to make the lingshi tray or fixture, but now Nie believes that it is only the golden branch to activate the psionic power. The golden branch wooden round stick and the lingshi are sandwiched with yellow surface paper, and the psionic power can sense the special absorption and psychic power characteristics of the golden branch wood. When the claw floating lingshi surface cinnabar ink drops spray the yellow surface paper, the fusion of Zhu Yin and the psionic extremely compatible medium yellow surface paper is closer to the lingshi cinnabar ink body, which is insufficient to attract subtle psionic power, but with the golden branch wood, the psionic power can be formed, and the cinnabar ink can contact the yellow surface paper instantly. The disturbance of the opponent’s psionic active zone is this small disturbance, which enables Fang Ling to instantly combine with cinnabar ink drops and then contact with yellow paper to form cinnabar ink drops full of psionic powers, that is to say, the extremely short distance between Jin Zhimu and Lingshi makes the psionic power a piece of paper thickness form a potential energy difference, and the cinnabar ink drops benefit from this potential energy difference. If this method can be established, it can not only solve the problem of spell printing, but also reduce the psionic power consumption to a minimum, which is almost the lowest requirement of the spell system.
Nie Xin’s design proposal and Mo Xiang’s and zhang yi’s rounds were stunned and thought for a long time. One day, combined with their experience in making various magic weapons, spells and contacting those spiritual materials, they found that this method was actually very feasible.
Simple experiments proved that the principle of adsorbing psionics by cinnabar ink drops could be established. They immediately tried out the first spell printer. Nie Xin directly took a huge lingshi with a square foot from the second floor of the abode of fairies and immortals, which shocked everyone. Lingshi contains psionics and is closely related to its large size. Usually, the larger the volume, the more psionics it contains, and Nie Xin took this lingshi, which is the most typical jade lingshi, and the lingshi body emits light. This is a department that contains psionics and a jade body, and the jade lingshi emits light. The strength can be judged by the amount of psionics contained in it. Nie Xin brought this lingshi as a light bulb and put it in the largest room of the abode of fairies and immortals. After all the lights were dropped, the whole room could be diffused with mild green light. If this lingshi was put in the spiritual world trading market, it is estimated that it could be exchanged for a million pieces of low-order lingshi. Now it is put here for everyone to cut it into the required shape. Finally, Nie Xin was forced to accept the first knife and then Mo Xiang took over the rest of the processors with a sigh. If this lingshi was cut and scrapped because of Nie Xin’s unskilled craftsmanship, it would be a greater sin
However, the volume of this stone is large enough, and they have made three paper holders, all of which are suitable for large and small paper sizes. The processing technology is very good, and the scraps are consumed in the cutting process, and the volume is not enough to make something else.
The printer was quickly made. After putting a piece of paper in the ink feeder and cutting it into yellow sheets, everyone looked nervous. Nie Xin looked at the LCD screen at the operating table and chose to print a whole page of ebony.
Mo Xiang squatted nervously and watched the mechanical mechanism running in the printer. He watched the paper feeder roll the yellow paper into the printer and got stuck with a golden stick. "The creaking sound of the printer makes Zhang Yifeng’s heart jump every time. This is a step in the spiritual world, but it is a big step in the combination of spiritual practice and scientific body. The secular world can be transported in this way. He didn’t even think about it before, but now Nie Xin, who suddenly broke into the spiritual world, has made these things come true.
Shang Xuefan appeared at the entrance of the laboratory with a confused face, and the strange sound in the whole abode of fairies and immortals also disturbed her. Although she can’t speak, there is no problem with her ears. Naturally, she came to see what these boys are doing. zhang yi lost at Shang Xuefan and waved her hand to let her enter the room. Seeing that the printer was spitting out a little bit, Tang Xuefan opened his mouth full of spells. What an incredible thing?
The spell should be effective. Nie Xin glanced at the yellow watch paper at the paper outlet. Those spells flowed with psionic energy, and the faint green light passed away. This is the most typical, but the spell solidified the psionic energy on the yellow watch paper, and the signs in its structure succeeded! Nie Xin breathed a sigh of relief. How many technical problems they solved back and forth to make this spell printing technology come true! This success can not only solve the problem of psionic guns and ammunition, but also verify his many ideas and theories about psionics, which makes him more ecstatic than spell printing technology
The creaking sound became harsh. Nie Xin quickly asked, "Hey, what’s going on?"
Mo Xiang touched his nose and looked embarrassed. Everyone looked at him. He said grumpily
"Never seen a printer jam?"
Very technical. Oh, it’s not too complicated, is it? If you want to know the aftermath, please visit the heart chapter. More supporters support Zheng! Ten-day sun drying and notch mixing with different clams
【 Chapter one hundred change 】
However, the printer has been able to solve the small problems such as paper jam smoothly. For Mo Xiang, it is just a small matter to adjust the service program of the printer department. After a day of repeated revision and debugging, the paper jam problem of the printer has been properly solved. Of course, the printer body is partly responsible, but the bigger problem is the yellow paper, which is very common in the practice world, but there is no unified specification. There are sects and businesses that make it thicker, some are thinner, and some others have to add sulfur, realgar, tin and so on. This really makes the printer feel at a loss. It is necessary to ensure that the spells are
Because the charm is mainly loaded in the lingyan bullet, considering the process of loading the charm into the fittings, they prefer the thick and crisp charm, so after some deliberation, they unified all the yellow surface paper with a very thin layer of loose wax on the back, so that the rigidity of the yellow surface paper can be guaranteed without weakening the ability of absorbing cinnabar ink drops on the front. Later, they can consider buying a merchant who specializes in yellow surface paper that meets the requirements, but they have the resources at hand. This kind of yellow surface paper that can make the back wax on one side is already the best thing, and cutting the part into AIDS. In the automatic paper feeder, they can print two large spells every minute by moving the printer, each of which can be cut into thirty-six pieces. Before and after the low-level spells that meet the requirements, they have tested the first-order Yan Long Fu, the Xuan Yan Fu, the Millennium Fu, the Qingyun Fu, and the Ice Fu, all of which are highly successful.
However, the power of Yan Long Fu, which comes out of the printing mechanism, takes into account the printer structure. Nie believes that the reason is that the current method controls the attachment of cinnabar ink to psionic power, and how much psionic power a spell can make is determined by the number of ink drops. For those low-order spells, psionic power needs to be fully given, but for spells like Yan Long Fu, its complexity is not proportional to the required psionic power intensity, and the complexity may be twice as high as that of the initial spells, but the psionic power needs to be three to five times. When making spells manually, practitioners will naturally cast it. Put more energy and psionics into making spells, but the printer has not adjusted the psionic release speed mechanism yet, so that the spell method can be fully charged by the printing mechanism, and the power of the Yanlong charm is naturally reduced.
The structure of Keyan Dragon Symbol is correct. The efficiency of psionics is much higher than that of low-order spells, and the ratio of power reduction is not proportional to the ratio of lack of recharge.
However, it was an accident that the power of Yan Long Fu was discounted in batches. Yan Long Fu happened to be the best material for making more powerful Lingyan bullets. They simply suspended the production of Xuan Yan Fu and turned to Yan Long Fu. Although this greatly increased the bore pressure of Lingyan gun, the life of the barrel was tested and the recoil was also improved to a considerable extent. Considering the increase of power and range, the result was completely acceptable.
Lingyan Bomb soon re-approved the department structure to form a new Lingyan Bomb, which is composed of six Yanlongfu and a Yi Muqing Cifu. The power of warhead has increased by 40% compared with that of the former Xuanyan Bomb, and the range has more than doubled. Now the standard Lingyan Gun can still pose a threat to the monk-level guy at a distance of four meters, but this range still can’t satisfy Nie Xin! What is the concept of Tian Mi? In the world of practitioners, the old 0 meters is a melee, and some tricks have to be put into use for a few tens of meters. The more skillful the sword tactic is, the more complicated and precise the battle will be. Even if it is equipped with an phlogistic gun, low-level practitioners have to risk their lives to shoot at this distance. It is very likely that they will be able to solve the monk with an phlogistic gun before the Qiong Qi army. That is because some of them are holding each other back. Now, if they can be equipped with an phlogistic gun for covering shooting on a large scale, this tactic will probably not work.
With the success of the printer, everyone is now confident to solve the range problem. At the beginning, they considered putting the spell at the bottom of the primer on the phlogistic bomb and igniting it to generate thrust to shoot the phlogistic bomb like an ordinary bullet. However, the energy gathering device of the phlogistic bomb needs the yogi to control and trigger the flame flow instead of the gun bore directly. Once the battle is tense, this meticulous exercise is a great burden for the low-level yogi. However, once this problem is solved, it will also solve the problem that the life of the barrel will be faster due to the excessive bore pressure caused by the excitation of the phlogistic gun all the time. But what about one? That won’t be a problem. In the final analysis, it’s a fuze problem. Collision excitation is not impossible. There are similar pressed ceramics in the practice circle. There is a kind of white lingshi produced in Beihai. Once it is broken, it can be instantly released to stimulate the charm, and the technical species can be called the Eyu East Cylinder. Nie Xin, they have tried two or three pieces of this thing in the materials they brought to the hanging river and the cave, and it is proved that it is feasible, so there is not much material left. However, the collision excitation in the practice circle is of little significance. It means that it will only be triggered at a short distance from the yogi, but the effect of spiritual inflammation is very thin. The probability that the yogi can kill his opponent in this way in the battle is too low, but the auxiliary spells that make the jade collide with the fuse to activate the ice charm and the thousand charms have a miraculous effect on a certain range. They are going to go back and prepare a batch.
After careful consideration, Nie Xin, zhang yi Qing and Mo Xiang all think that if Lingyan bombs can be shot in large quantities, the most ideal way is barrage.
Then there is a way to try the time-delay fuze, which is also considering that the most materials they have prepared for this trip and the system have a system to realize the delayed release of psionic energy, so that the attack effect of the Lingyan bomb is stimulated one or two seconds after it is discharged, but it is feasible. Nie Xin now has a much deeper understanding of the system than before, and soon gives a solution that is not a solution. His Lingyan bomb contains two Yimuqing amulets and two Yimuqing amulets. There are a lot of spell components, which are nothing but guiding the psionic energy to circle several times in the same place and then releasing it into the second Yi Muqing charm. Of course, there is psionic energy consumption, but the consumption is a little more than 10%, which does not matter if the second Yi Muqing charm is in the hands of practitioners in the later stage of pneumatic operation. Although the power of the whole psionic bomb will be reduced by almost 20%, it is quite tolerable compared with the range.
The new Lingyan bombs were released in this way. Because the warhead pointing of Lingyan bombs will affect the combat effect, each Lingyan bomb is equipped with four tail fins after it is discharged, or the mysterious rifling of Lingyan gun barrel can be pushed by Yan Longfu. The farthest distance of Lingyan bombs can be curved meters, and the power of Lingyan guns can be exerted because of the spiritual practice of practitioners. Nie Messenger Lingyan guns can achieve this now, and the goose-meter range and Lingyan bombs can reach four meters. The goal of narrowing the door is to stabilize the group shooting of monks. As soon as this problem is solved, the three of them set up the Xuan, and they designed and manufactured three kinds of lingyan guns. The shape of the second-type bullet chain bomb is like a Grenade launcher with a firing rate of 4 rounds per second. The average range of three people is swallowing meters. When the three of them shoot at the same time, a distance of more than 0 meters can form a dense barrage, which is enough to deter even the monks in the middle and late stage of building a foundation. Delaying the activation of the lingyan bomb fuze is not only for the dragon symbol. Effective other spells can also be quickly issued by them, such as ice bombs, Millennium bombs, Qingyun bombs, five thunder bombs, etc., which are also divided into two functions: shaped charge impact and blasting suppression, that is, the difference between loading and unloading shaped charge covers.
After Mo Xiang built the second spell printer, the trouble of the three of them quickly went from one extreme to the other. There were too many spells for them to load into the ammunition, but it took less than six hours for an automatic ammunition packaging machine to be released. This thing is purely mechanical and has no skills in the spiritual world, but Mo Xiang is still going to go back and make a monitoring platform for this thing.
After the completion of the ammunition packaging machine, they had the first assembly line in the spiritual world, which could produce hundreds of rounds of various ammunition in one hour, and Nie Xin immediately set up the first continuous working process.
Nie Xin is eager to arm himself. They all know that there is an excellent opportunity to treat Man after the spring of next year, so that she can get rid of her present state of "leaving the soul" and make considerable progress in practice. But that opportunity has to be robbed by others. What can a practitioner who has just entered the resting period take to rob those monks? He has offended many sects and families, so he might as well continue to offend and use force to beat the enemy out of temper. The natural problem is solved. Both zhang yi Leaf and Mo Xiang said that they would go with Nie Xin, and Nie Xin also promised to come. He really needs help more than Tang Xuefan, and they are willing to go together. They have to take tendrils to that place. It must be much more convenient to have Tang Xuefan.
Originally, they didn’t have the qualification to fight for it. However, Lingyan guns and Lingyan bombs now allow them to get sufficient ammunition supplies, and the printer gives them a glimmer of hope. Man Nie Xin has to give it a try anyway.
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【 Chapter one hundred and one Arms Dealer 】
Well, when I came to the hanging river abode of fairies and immortals, I was almost shocked. The original entrance hall was filled with boxes of scraps. These boxes formed a number of hiding places for Xiaoyu to have a good time. Two bundles of spells were placed in the entrance hall, and each bundle was a whole cylinder of paper. After printing, there were no cutting spells. One bundle was Xuan Yan Fu and the other was Yan Long Fu.
The crunchy sound of mechanical operation in the abode of fairies and immortals attracted Mu En to let him continue walking towards it, and let him see the packaging assembly line of Lingyan bombs. One by one, Lingyan bombs were assembled and filled with two boxes, and the ammunition produced in an endless stream was scattered all over the floor.
"What is this?" Mu En murmured, "Master?" Wood, hurriedly raised a little bit of sound asked
Zhang Yi leaf didn’t come out from the abode of fairies and immortals and heard his voice. The probe looked like Shang Xue Fan Shang Xue ran out to fight for him. "It suddenly occurred to me that Mu En can’t sign language and hurriedly grabbed a piece of yellow paper from the side. Just as her face was slender and beautiful, she wrote that Uncle Mu En was good. They all ran out to test weapons. Why don’t you wait for them?
Mu En asked blankly, "Do you know which soap they do the test?"
Tang Xuefan wrote, I don’t know, is it not far from here?
Mu En scratched his head just now. He also noticed the surrounding situation. He didn’t hear the sound of shooting and explosion. It’s not a long distance for practitioners. This is a rather desperate range. Mu En decided not to look for them. Just wait here. Tang Xuefan has done a series of care for Man today. It’s just when she is free. She can also kill time with a lot of people when she comes to the abode of fairies and immortals, but it’s always more interesting to chat with people. Mu En asks about what happened in recent days. Tang Xuefan explains a series of their actions with interest.
How big is it that Mu En is tongue-tied and can print spells? It can almost change the habit and foundation of the spiritual world. When the spell is low to a certain extent, it will attract many low-level practitioners and monks to make the spell as much as possible, which is more beneficial to the production and sale of the spell and the research of this spiritual technology. Everyone is sure to be happy to make the spell encapsulate some spiritual powers, and the spell can achieve the same function, which is much less than making the magic formula, the heart mantra and the hand mantra, which will make people more interested and make this method flourish.
And they are conducting weapons tests, which makes Mu En even more frightened. He has long known that this thing can shoot quickly. It needs enough ammunition and enough barrage density. They can even make the monks in the then-Dan period flinch. They will soon become a force to be reckoned with in the spiritual world.

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