At this time, no one in the mainland is his opponent if he talks about combat power alone.

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However, when the emperors gathered together, almost everyone agreed with it. Even Wu Huang had a bloody feud, and all the fierce families disapproved of it. The emperors still dissuaded Luo Ao from giving up the title of Wu Huang.
There is a Wu Huang in the heart of everyone, Su Mo.
Luo Ao’s later achievements are great, but it is also difficult to bear the name of Wu Huang
At that time, the Royalty emperors broke up in discord.
Nowadays, it is said that the emperors are all slightly stunned. Is it because of this that Luo Ao actually wants to lead the wolf into the room and slaughter the wild?
"I can’t even touch the name of Wu Huang and say I respect you?"
Roar sneer at a.
Emperor black dragon scolded, "It’s crazy. You’re going to betray the wild and the Terran if you’re not allowed to be named Wu Huang?"
"I am not a Terran talking about betrayal?"
Roar said flatly, "Half protoss blood is flowing in my body! It’s just that you know. "
The emperors looked shocked.
Roar has fooled everyone about this!
In this way, it is easy to understand that Luo Ao can rise in such a short time and the enemy will eventually seal the emperor.
"I have no prejudice against Terran and Protoss. I grew up in the wild, and I have deeper feelings for the wild in my heart."
Roar shook his head and said, "But I’m so disappointed that you stopped me from sealing Wu Huang twice. You pushed me to the protoss side. Today’s natural disasters are all because of you!"
"Ha ha!"
Xiao pang sneered, "It’s ridiculous that you broke up with the wild and abandoned the wild because of the title. This also proves that our actions were right!"
"You don’t deserve the title of’ Wu Huang’!"
Luo Ao took a cross at Xiao Pang and said coldly, "It doesn’t matter if I deserve it or not! There are half strong martial arts in the wild, and I think I will be Wu Huang when you die! "
"Where is Xianwuzong?"
It is said that although people have speculated for a long time, they still can’t help but ask, "Where are you Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Wu Emperor and Zhu Xia Emperor?"
There are ten emperors in the fairy Wu Zongsuan Luo Ao.
Now there are only six statues left behind Roar.
When these six immortals heard this, they all looked gloomy.
Luo Ao smiled casually and said, "I will gather all the monks in the fairy palace."
"Xianwu Palace is a magic weapon for my life. I can erase the creatures in it once I read it!"
"I have been buried in the Xianwu Palace for any resistance."
Many wild fighters were furious when they heard this.
"Luo Ao, you practice Wu Huangcheng, but you turn your back on the wild and forget your ancestors. You are really a pig and a dog!"
A budo bodhi old zu couldn’t bear to come out and swear.
Roar’s eyes turned and fell on the bodhi old zu budo.
"Look out!"

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