The ancient magic wave is also the master of hell!

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At present, the emperor who buried the sky is even more difficult to imagine.
His tentacles spread across three thousand worlds, and every corner spanned several eras!
Outside the Shenxiao Hall
God, the immortal emperor, stands in the distance at any time at the disposal of the immortal emperor.
I don’t know when there are two horrible smells in the hall of Shenxiao, and even he feels a thrill!
Just then, there was a crack in the void, and a man who was smelling of medicine stepped out of his eyes with anger and anxiety, and he was about to rush into the hall of God.
"Dan Xiao, what are you doing!"
God Xiao Xian Di hurriedly stopped Dan Xiao Xian Di from having a drink.
Emperor Danxiao Xiandi gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. "What a group of people in the wild mainland, I, Danxiao Xianyu, fought everywhere in Dharma. The most important thing is that there are several powerful emperors in the sword world and Kunpeng world behind these people!"
"Is there such a thing?"
God Xiao Xiandi heard a big frown.
Dan Xiaoxian hated, "These interface emperors came to Fairyland without even saying hello. I don’t think they paid attention to the nine immortals at all because they wanted to launch an interface war!"
"I’m going to tell the Lord!"
In the face of the iron-crowned old man, Emperor Bei Kun, Kyubi no Youko Demon Emperor and others, Emperor Danxiao Xiandi did not dare to shoot.
He can come and ask the Nine Immortals to come forward.
"Don’t go in!"
God clouds fairy emperor shook his head is still stop Dan clouds fairy emperor in front.
"What are you doing!"
Dan Xiao Xiandi’s eyes turned cold and said, "If the interface war breaks out and Xianyu falls, can you afford this responsibility?" This group of emperors came uninvited to challenge the majesty of the Nine Immortals! "
If you were Dan Xiao Xian Di at ordinary times, you would still be afraid of God Xiao Xian Di.
But now, all the ministers of the immortal imperial city are unified in the nine heavens, regardless of their height.
What’s worse, if we drag him to Danxiao Fairyland, it will be gone. How can he not worry?
The face of God Xiao Xiandi sank and said, "The Lord is receiving a visitor. Don’t blame me for not waking you up!"
"Your main ability will not notice what happened in heaven? Do you still have to wake up? "
Dan Xiao Xian Di took a few steps forward, and he also felt the horrible breath in the hall of Shenxiao gradually calmed down.
I’m afraid it’s really unlucky for him to rush in in this situation!
The hall is closed
The two gods can’t probe into it, and they dare not probe it.
"Who’s inside?"
Dan Xiao Xiandi asked little.
"How should I know"
Just now, Emperor Danxiao’s tone was bad, and Emperor Shenxiao didn’t give him a good look back.
Emperor Danxiao smiled wryly and mused a little, "It is estimated that it is the Six Brahmans or the extinct Mundus. They are very likely to discuss the great cause of celestial unification!"
Dan Xiao xian Yu
This seemingly unequal war ended faster than everyone imagined!
Shortly after the outbreak of the war, Shi Quexian was killed by Su Mo’s vision of blood vessels with four arms and three rounds!
Su Mo didn’t even release the cave in this war.
From the end, Danxiao Xiandi did not dare to show up.
He didn’t show up even if the emperor of Shique Xianwang fell!
Hundreds of fairy kings in Danxiao Palace were killed, and many true spirits were scattered. The wild people marched straight into Danxiao Palace and killed them as if they were human beings!
It wasn’t long before the wild people had already entered Danxiao Palace.
Knowing that the battlefield in front was defeated, Emperor Danxiao was nowhere to be seen, and there was no friar resistance in Danxiao Palace, so he had already fled in all directions.
Su Mo stepped on his feet and his eyes swept away
Violet is very sensitive to the vitality of heaven and earth, and he clearly feels that the vitality of heaven and earth is very strong around a piece of land not far away
But there’s one thing there
At this time, a light smile came from the middle school.
It was Kyubi no Youko’s demon emperor Gherardini who looked at Su Mo’s eyes and said, "This Su Gong has a unique hole there, but how can you thank me if I am forbidden to help you?"
Kyubi no Youko demon emperor is one of the few people who know Su Mo’s identity in addition to the wild mainland haunt.
At the beginning, the demon emperor of Kyubi no Youko in the wild world had seen budo respect.
See Kyubi no Youko demon emperor so freely seduce Sue ink crowd suddenly out of a few with a little hostile eyes.
Kyubi no Youko demon emperor noticed with a light smile and waved his robe sleeve to smash the forbidden land around it, gradually revealing a scared tree more than ten feet high!
This sacred tree is shining with colorful brilliance, and each branch is growing with seven kinds of glittering and translucent gods.
"This is the wonderful tree of seven treasures in the fairy land of Danxiao."
When Yunzhu saw this sacred tree, he said, "Gold, silver, colored glass, crystal, coral, and amber are called the seven treasures of the seven treasures, but they are certainly not gold and silver in the dust."
"Seven kinds of treasures can emit seven different kinds of light, covering five elements. It is also the aura key of gathering heaven and earth in Danxiao Fairyland."
The iron-crowned old man smiled slightly. "Mo, this wonderful tree of seven treasures, you just receive it in the future. If the interface is opened, you can gather the foundation of heaven and earth."
Su Mo nodded and directly uprooted the Qibaomiao tree into his pocket.
When Emperor Kun of the North saw this, he shook his head slightly and muttered, "This wonderful tree of seven treasures has been rooted in heaven for many years, and most of it can’t be kept alive in a different environment."
Chapter three thousand one hundred and thirteen Uneasy
Sumo wants to create an interface that can not only enable the living beings to inhabit and practice, but also accommodate the shortage of people.

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