"Only a master can break the seal of Kun’s map of nature and take us away from here."

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"If I expect it to be good, the Lord should have the blood of violet."
Su Mo well without saying much.
He has not only the blood of natural violet, but also the blood of industrial fire violet!
Su Mo still has many doubts in his heart, but his eyes are not the time to discuss them in detail.
"Now there is no holy land of chaos, and there is only a chaotic palace with a small number of people and it is about to be destroyed."
Su Mo said, "You can just follow me to the world to save people."
"Lord …"
Lin Meng-zun gently coughed when he heard this: "Lord, you are too low to fix the realm, but you can also solve the problem of Gankun’s good fortune and seal our body."
"Only when the realm of the Lord Yuan God reaches the level of the Imperial Taoist realm can the Taoist, the great and the strong be respected to follow the Lord to the world."
Su Mo Zheng slightly.
He has reached the realm of God, so he can now take out the strong man in the Imperial Road in Gankun’s natural map.
Su Mo turned to understand the profound meaning behind the chaotic Lord’s move.
Refining and refining Gankun’s natural map can really become the master of life and death here.
But if you leave Gankun’s nature map and come to the world, he will control these people!
In those days, these people were honored by the chaotic Lord.
First, we have past mutual affection.
Secondly, the chaotic Lord has absolute strength.
But the new successors, these people don’t know each other, and their own strength has not been seen.
And it’s hard to change people’s hearts after more than 6 billion years.
If the successor is enlightened, but brings Tao Zun or Zun to the world, it may lead to fatal disaster!
When the chaotic Lord finished this arrangement, it was for the protection of later successors.
Chapter three thousand two hundred and seventy-five Follow
"I don’t know what the world is mainly dealing with. If it is too dangerous, it is better to avoid practicing here."
Lin Mengzun said, "The Lord’s map of Gankun’s nature is hard to beat even if the strong have no law."
"When the Lord Yuan God further steps into the Imperial Road and unlocks our body seal, we can protect the Lord and go out to rebuild the chaotic holy land!"
"That’s not necessary."
Su Mo shook his head slightly.
It is enough to deal with a dragon island and bring a few Buddha casually.
It is said that there is also a Buddha, the owner of Jiaolong Island.
Now he has stepped into the realm of enlightenment, achieving the Buddha and reaching the Buddha.

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