The main thing is that the crimson can’t be looked directly at. It’s too scary. He not only devours dark substances and leads the ancient temple to this dark place, but also has a life flavor. He eats barbecue every day!

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Of course, the ingredients are based on local materials!
The cages in the ancient temple are like chicken cages in a chicken farm. This terrorist will review and pick and choose one by one.
But fortunately, he eats nonhuman creatures and is a dark, assimilated degenerate. Those who still have a certain sense of self have escaped.
Liu Chen is trying not to eat for nothing. Anyway, it will be a disaster for these people to let them go out in the future. He will also deal with the principle and let them go directly.
Because he swallowed dark substances all the year round, the ancient temples were dark, and the little golden dragon was also released to eat with Lu Chen, which was a vaccination.
On this day, after Lu Chen’s mysterious blood breakthrough, he felt that the front suction method was still not strong enough, and he had to increase his power, otherwise he would not be able to suck it clean when it was near.
So he stretched the method to the maximum edge and attracted the ancient temple with a huge mouth and a suction.
If anyone outside sees the Jieyin Ancient Hall, they will find that the Jieyin Ancient Hall suddenly shrank at a certain moment, like a balloon, and part of the gas suddenly disappeared.
"Enough energy!"
Lu Chen took a long breath to run the Emperor Wudi and opened his mouth to dock and lead the ancient temple to ultimate exploitation.
As a result, for a moment, he felt a huge repulsive force to attract the door hole of the ancient temple to squeeze him out!
It’s also a struggle to spit out Lu Chen after taking over the ancient temple. There are a lot of cracks in the largest ancient temple, and it’s also a struggle to get Lu Chen out.
Many imprisoned dark fairy kings in this gate cave have been discharged together.
Lu Chen’s hands hold the doors of the ancient temple and pinch them, but he won’t go out and suck wildly.
Isn’t it cruel that his prisoner was speechless when he saw this scene?
It’s really difficult to ask God to send God easily. They are eager to leave the ancient temple. Do you want to leave?
Chapter one thousand four hundred and forty-three Sin cut in half on the way to life
The ancient temple was riveted with enough strength to squeeze out Lu Chen.
Lu Chen’s hands are firmly buckled on both sides of the door, and he just won’t go away. Although the dark and unknown substances left in this ancient temple may not be enough for him to break through a stage, it is also a rare good thing. How can it be lost?
When it’s done, it must be done!
He opened his mouth wide and showed crazy suction inside.
During the period, many people flew out to see Lu Chen’s mouth change color because of the unstable cage of the ancient temple.
"The elder is me!"
The true fairy from nine days and ten places exclaimed, and at the same time, his face was filled with joy, which led to the entrance of the ancient temple, and some people had been rushed out by that repulsive force just before they were discharged outside.
Only Lu Chen clung to the front of the card and was very strong.
Lu Chen noticed that the speaker turned his head to the side and let those who had been completely dark naturally be swallowed up by the dark matter by his way of drinking.
He can’t send a group of murderers out to harm the world, and it will be a great disaster in nine days and ten places.
Lead the ancient temple for a while, big for a while, and shake in a small virtual space to get Liu Chen out, but I just can’t get it out
Lu Chen sticks to the door like candy. It’s too strong. On repulsion or chains to Lu Chen.

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