"I bear your mother! Do you want to fight! "

Published on 26/06/2024

The four elders of Candlelong swear.
"You …"
Dragon bell also leaps and combative.
"Interesting and interesting"
Elder Scorpion clapped his hands and smiled. "It’s really a wonder of my Taikoo Jiuzu that you dragons can fight because of a legacy."
"Come on, you two be quiet and let others see the joke!"
Black dragon patriarch eldest brother frown.
Silent, a few elders of Canglong raised their eyebrows slightly and asked, "What do you say, Longcang?"
Long Cang took a look at Su Mo and said firmly, "He is not an ordinary legacy. He is the first in the Hidden Dragon List. How can he be used to fight for his life!"
"I can’t bow my head!"
The dragon with five claws and a pale body is extremely heavy.
Even though he is opposed to each other, he can carry these things clearly.
"Anyway, you have to give me an account of the witch family."
Elder Scorpion said, "My young master and another clan are dead. Do you want my hand back from one of your descendants?"
Black dragon patriarch said, "What do you want?"
Elder Scorpion said lightly, "In that case, I’ll take a step back first. You can chop this man’s right arm and I’ll bring it back to the witch family. It’s also an explanation."
Pale dragon elders all finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Both sides take a step back, and if the dragon and candle are broken, they can go to the witch war, which is enough to win the limit, and everyone is happy.
After all, the main body of the witch family is no small matter!
In the other place, if the dragon master falls, the Wu dragon can never be so complacent.
This time, even the four elders of Candlelong no longer speak.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ninety-six BingHangXian recruit
Now the four elders of Candle Dragon can’t hold on any longer.
An arm in exchange for a witch’s life and a war is the best solution.
"The child has wronged you."
The four elders of Candle Dragon sighed a little.
Black dragon, the patriarch of the clan, said, "Dragon candle, if you break your arm, then go back and recuperate. Don’t come out until you have something else to do."
"Want my arm?"
Su Mo smiled and slowly spit out two words "No!"

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