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But then the body stopped for a while and looked at the original position of Qingyun’s banner in amazement.

Published on 22/07/2024

Where is there half a friar in the Qingyun banner? Brother Qingyun Gate actually lost his whole golden cicada shell and left a battle flag for Guijia to seize. By then, the monk doesn’t know how to do this. There is no doubt that it is to protect the strength, lose the car and protect […]

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"Do you want to be spicy? It’s mysterious and even the names don’t say."

Published on 15/07/2024

"There are still 30 days before you call me." "Hum, continue to brush your bright sword." It’s no news that DreamWorks will make cartoons for a long time, and now it’s finally getting started. Fans didn’t expect DreamWorks cartoons to come out so soon, because it’s normal to make an animation for several years. It […]

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Published on 14/07/2024

A thunderbolt as dark as ink came in an instant! "How strong!" I really feel the horror of this heavenly robbery when I am there! The man’s look changed for the better, and he was ready to sacrifice his Lingbao and inject it into Zhen Yuan to block his head. At the same time, the […]

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Two hours later, when Huo Zhenghua’s army was engaged in fierce fighting between the enemy and the enemy, he did not move his teeth and reached the final battle order in the northeast theater of Sichuan Army.

Published on 12/07/2024

The garrison troops around the entrenched forces of Jinmen Port, Wang Zhoujun, went straight into the battlefield center from the north side of Huo Zhenghua Army! If the attack route of Daya troops is a straight line from the map, it can just separate the northwest and northeast battlefields of Gu Taixian. Why did Qin […]

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Du Guyi nodded with satisfaction. "Make General Wang go back to camp immediately and wait for Jiang Lincheng to attack before you care."

Published on 10/07/2024

Make the officer leave quickly Everyone looked into the distance and his face was full of solemnity. Wei Chilong handed over and said, "The commander-in-chief’s reputation as a serial array of twelve local branches and five elements has not been tested before the military array was broadcast far away." "If you storm, you have to […]

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"Brother Lung has had enough, and if you bake it, you can’t finish it."

Published on 09/07/2024

"Let him go and we’ll finish eating," Lu Manwen replied rudely. In the future, Ma Yi’s small mouth keeps chewing, and from time to time, Japanese "Mmm-hmm (delicious)" appears. …… Everyone ate this meal for a long time, and everyone didn’t expect Xiaolong to have such a skill. Lu Manwen rarely eats barbecue, but she […]

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After listening to grandma’s answer, I really want to ask grandma which floor that fellow in the white clouds can go to.

Published on 07/07/2024

Although I had this question in my heart, I still endured not asking and silently walked behind my grandmother towards the second floor. Go to the most bifurcated intersection on the second floor. Which path did Grandma choose this time? When I stepped on the path to the mouth of the cave, my feet suddenly […]

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For four hundred and seventy-six memorial tablets represent four hundred and seventy-six elder brothers who fell in the great disaster of deity and died in Taiping Road. Even the Great Body Education lost so many people’s hands, it was also weakened.

Published on 06/07/2024

After all the incense worship, Zhang Jiao looked dignified and looked at Yu Duxiu. "This is the ranking of my senior brothers in Taiping Road. These are the backbone of Taiping Road. I died because of spies in the teaching. They died unsatisfied." Jade Duxiu is in a dignified mood. Although it has been speculated […]

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There is no level of vision means for both sides.

Published on 06/07/2024

Take the second floor of the library After observing again for a while, with previous experience, he quickly figured out this layer of protection. Once again, as before, he constantly leaned out of his spiritual tentacles and spread to those who were protected by layers of books. Compared with the knowledge collected on the first […]

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