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The most terrible thing about this thing is not to attack, but to provoke the monks to doom in all aspects.

Published on 19/07/2024

When the fairy was affected, it was immediately doomed. The true fairy was affected and immediately attacked by three disasters. And the body, the golden fairy, the three yuan rushed to the virtual sage, and several murders around him shouted in unison. It was death, and the creatures in his hands usually don’t show up, […]

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Withdrawing from the balcony to the house, I looked up at the balcony again! I always feel a little weird, but I can’t find it!

Published on 17/07/2024

Maybe I’ve been through too much these days and I’m a little paranoid! After returning to the living room again, I put the disposable water cup in my hand into the trash can! At that moment, I heard my cell phone ringing in the bedroom. I pulled my slippers and walked towards the bedroom! After […]

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"Brother Lung has had enough, and if you bake it, you can’t finish it."

Published on 09/07/2024

"Let him go and we’ll finish eating," Lu Manwen replied rudely. In the future, Ma Yi’s small mouth keeps chewing, and from time to time, Japanese "Mmm-hmm (delicious)" appears. …… Everyone ate this meal for a long time, and everyone didn’t expect Xiaolong to have such a skill. Lu Manwen rarely eats barbecue, but she […]

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Is this man his father?

Published on 08/07/2024

Ying Zhu Yan sighed, "Even a sculpture is a thousand domineering spirits, but you still don’t believe it?" Su Ying stared at the sculpture in front of her for a long time and then sighed "I believe it". "Well, I’ll take you to meet someone else. When you get there, everything will be white." High-handed […]

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"Old cow, have you found that this village is quite similar to yours?" I stubbed out my cigarette and got up.

Published on 03/07/2024

"Hey, don’t say it’s really like the Sun family iron door is blue." King Kong cannon looked around. "Damn, even the crow’s nest is as old as this. What’s going on?" "I doubt that they can read your thoughts and create these visions according to your thoughts." I looked dignified and teased him by mistake. […]

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Wenxiaoqin Wenxiaoqi informed him that all surnames were Yi Cousin, so he stopped talking.

Published on 03/07/2024

Speak to kung fu has gone nearly 50 miles away, the flame honour person has never been able to chase. There is a growing trend of four-legged aftershocks as sand and stones fly around, ash and fog roll wildly and gale blows fiercely and the climate turns cold. And in the mountainous area, several rolling […]

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Every time I see him, Sumi seems to want to eat him. That look is scary.

Published on 28/06/2024

So seven nights decided decisively to increase the effect of the medicine and let her beep for several hundred days. "I am still too kind!" Seven nights so shook his head feeling. Is this another meaning, Elysium? Or is this the real paradise? Well, this so-called The important thing is to continue painting. …… Leiying […]

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The main thing is that the crimson can’t be looked directly at. It’s too scary. He not only devours dark substances and leads the ancient temple to this dark place, but also has a life flavor. He eats barbecue every day!

Published on 25/06/2024

Of course, the ingredients are based on local materials! The cages in the ancient temple are like chicken cages in a chicken farm. This terrorist will review and pick and choose one by one. But fortunately, he eats nonhuman creatures and is a dark, assimilated degenerate. Those who still have a certain sense of self […]

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At this time, no one in the mainland is his opponent if he talks about combat power alone.

Published on 22/06/2024

However, when the emperors gathered together, almost everyone agreed with it. Even Wu Huang had a bloody feud, and all the fierce families disapproved of it. The emperors still dissuaded Luo Ao from giving up the title of Wu Huang. There is a Wu Huang in the heart of everyone, Su Mo. Luo Ao’s later […]

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